Thursday, April 14, 2011

On The Road *Yet* Again....

I just finished packing up everything for the Heart's Desire Cross Stitch Camp (whew - what a job!) and I will be heading out of town bright and early for another weekend of teaching...this time I am headed to Junction City, Kansas to work with another big group of enthusiastic students. I've packed up a great assortment of models and charts and all the class materials and will be ready to hit the road first thing in the morning for three enjoyable days of needlework. It is storming here with a vengeance, so I am really hoping the weather will calm down for my trip...

I will be making a little pit stop before I get there...I have been told I just *have to* visit Picture This Plus in Abilene, KS, so I will be headed there first (I've also been told there is a good quilt shop in town, so that is on my list as well!).

I hope to be back early next week with a fun blog update from my travels...I also have some fun creative things to post about! I know my posts have been limited the last couple weeks, as preparing for two big teaching events has monopolized my time...but I promise to be better upon my return.

Also - make a trip to my Blue Ribbon Designs website "gallery" to see a couple FABULOUS pieces I got to see in person at the Heartland Stitch Counters Society event last weekend (thank you Pam and Cheryl)...they are definitely worth a view!

Finally - thanks to everyone who has taken a moment to vote for my two quilt blocks in the AccuQuilt Barn Quilt Contest - you are awesome!! I also appreciate those of you who have spread the word and sent tweets or posted on your message boards/blogs for me....every little bit helps. :-) I'm afraid I have fallen way behind in the "popularity contest", so I really hope the celebrity judges see something special in one of my entries (fingers crossed!)....or I have an outpouring of votes this weekend. There is still time to vote - voting ends on April 19th - so please, if you haven't done so already, please visit this link: and cast a vote for me...

My first block is in the second row (below left)....and my second block is in the bottom row (below right)...and you can "like" and/or review both of my entries....both quilt blocks have Belinda K. listed under them.
  • If you have Facebook, simply click on "like" under my block(s) to give me a vote.

  • If you do not have Facebook, click on the image of my block(s) and rate/review my block to give me a don't need to write anything fancy, just that you like my quilt block design. I know, a little more time consuming, but you will make my day! :-)

I am going to finish up just a couple more things and then it is off to bed...I'm hoping to get in a few good hours of sleep before my alarm goes off in the early AM....

Wishing you a wonderful and creative weekend....


  1. Belinda, have a fabulous time in Kansas at your teaching event! Hope the storms let up for your journey! Have a safe trip!

  2. I'd love to go to Picture This Plus with you!!
    Lovely fabrics. Enjoy your trip. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return.