Friday, April 8, 2011

On The Road Again...

I'm teaching at an event in Missouri this weekend for the Heartland Stitch Counters Society, so I will be back on Monday with a fun update...

For now, I just had to share a photo of the roses my husband had delivered for our wedding anniversary this week...aren't they fabulous?! I was a little blown away when I answered the door - this is the biggest bouquet I have ever received - two dozen roses with lilies and baby's breath - the photo just doesn't do this spectacular arrangement justice...too bad I am out of town for three days and won't be able to enjoy them while I am gone....

Wishing you a wonderful weekend....


  1. What gorgeous flowers! Sending you Happy Anniversary wishes!

    Have a wonderful teaching event in Missouri!

  2. What a lucky woman you are! Your DH is a sweetie! Happy anniversary!

    I hope you have a great trip!

  3. What a wonderful bunch of flowers, no wonder you are delighted with them, they are just fabalous. Sending you both Happy Anniversary wishes.

  4. Happy Anni Belinda, enjoy your special memories:) xoxo

  5. Gorgeous flowers - Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope your teaching goes well.

  6. happy Anniversary! The roses are beautiful. Have a good trip.

  7. That is a beautiful arrangement. Happy Anniversary to you both! Safe trip this weekend.

  8. Belinda, what an awesome weekend! Hope you come teach and stitch with us again in the future.

  9. Beautiful flowers. Bet they will be just perfect when you come home. Thanks for a great class and project at Heartland Retreat! Can't forget the great instructions and personal attention you gave to all the 'campers'. Agree that it was an awesome weekend!!

  10. Hi Belinda,
    Your flowers are gorgeous! I will be married
    thirteen years in June and my husband said
    he thought the 13th year is "tin"! LOL!

    I attended your class this weekend in Missouri,
    I had so much fun and learned so much! I can't
    wait to finish my projects! It was so much
    fun to see all the models you brought! Pictures
    don't compare to seeing the real needlework!
    I learned so much, I feel comfortable now making cording and how to attach it! I also
    feel more comfortable and look forward to
    doing some finishing work! Thanks to you!
    Best Wishes for another year of happiness in
    your marriage!
    Paula Bringmann

  11. What beautiful flowers. Happy anniversay.. Was so glad you were at our camp this last weekend in Missouri. Hope the rowdy table wasnt to much for you. OH WAIT I was at that table. Thanks for your wonderful teaching technics and hints and tips. Hope to come to another class of yours some day.
    Pam Surface
    PS Thanks for finding that "V" in the Red Velvet Sampler for me.