Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Turn The Page" Bookmarks

What does one do when they are snowed in??...needlework, of course!

As the snow continues to fall here in Iowa (and most of the country), I have been curled up inside as much as possible...finishing up my two new releases for the Nashville Needlearts Market in February. I gave you a sneak peek of "Turn The Page", my new bookmark sampler, a couple weeks is currently being framed (I picked what I think is a fabulous frame molding)...and the last several days, I finished up the stitching of the sample bookmarks. Today, I completed the finishing work...there are four different styles - finishing instructions will be included in the chartpack...and each one of them is quite easy to put together. I had fun picking coordinating fabric for the back of one (birds)...felted wool for finishing another (bunnies)...and the other two (grapes, hearts) use linen for the backing. I am so excited with how the sampler and the bookmarks turned out and can't wait to release this chart next I am ready to put my new bookmarks to use!

I am now focused on "Holiday Helpings", my other release for market, which is a new set of Stitch Starter Sleeves (and will include my Stitch Starter Ruler). It was a treat picking each of the holidays to represent and charting each one...and I will share a photo with you soon...

Winter is definitely here...and while I love the cozy stitching time inside, I dread the shoveling and snow blowing that needs to be done a couple times a day. I am already dreaming of spring! I hope you are staying warm and dry...and you have been able to "dig out" if you are in the majority of the U.S. with snow on the ground...


  1. Your bookmarks look terrific! Like them all, but love the birds! Looking forward to seeing the holiday sleeves you are creating!

    Stay warm and if you have to go out, be safe! And I would be happy to take the snow off your hands!

  2. Beautiful bookmarks. I keep saying I am going to make some, would make great gifts for friends.


  3. I loved the preview of your "Bookmark Sampler" design on your December posting, and these bookmarks will be fun to stitch too!

    Hope that you are feeling much better now, after that nasty bout with the cold/flu viruses. No fun at all!

  4. Love the bookmarks but now that I have the Nook I think I will have to think up another use for these lovely pieces. Of course I can do them as a sampler instead and still enjoy your great designs.