Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SYHO Heart Healthy Recipe

As many of you know (especially needleworkers), I have been involved in the Stitch Your Heart Out (SYHO) campaign. The SYHO Campaign was created to excite stitchers with a new & fun project, create an interest in stitching for non-stitchers, and introduce stitching to the next generation while promoting heart health. Since the month of April features my design ("Established with Love", seen below) in the designer encyclopedia, I thought I would share with you my heart healthy recipe.

I absolutely love fresh vegetables...especially spinach...I seriously could eat a spinach salad every day and be happy...and I pretty much do! I am already anticipating the first farmers market of the season later this week....
Here is my heart healthy recipe for spinach salad:

In a large bowl toss salad ingredients:
Fresh spinach (torn)
Fresh mushrooms (sliced)
Green onion (chopped)
Grape Tomatoes (whole or cut in half)
Fresh Red and Yellow Peppers (chopped)
Feta Cheese (crumbled)

These are my personal favorites - but I have been known to add hot peppers and/or seasonal vegetables and/or nuts and/or black beans to "spruce it up" - use your favorite salad ingredients or whatever you have on hand!

Raspberry Salad Dressing:
· 1 cup fresh or thawed/drained frozen raspberries
· 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
· 4 teaspoons olive oil
· 1 pinch ground black pepper or cayenne pepper (I like things spicy!)

Press the raspberries through a fine sieve into a bowl to remove the seeds. In a sealable jar mix the raspberry puree and remaining ingredients - shake to combine. Add the dressing to your tossed salad.

You can learn more about the SYHO campaign by visiting the official blog...and be sure to read this month's SYHO newsletter (where you can read five little known facts about me). Plus, you can find "Established with Love" at your favorite needlework shop!


  1. Oh WOW thank you for posting that dressing recipe. I love spinich I sometimes saute it with alittle olive oil carmilized onion.

    I could eat spinich salad everynight also. and now I will with that tasty Raspberry Salad Dressing. I may even convince my DH that spinich is'nt all that bad ;) I will check out SYHO
    Take Care

  2. Can't wait to try your spinach salad recipe, Belinda. It sounds super easy for this non-cook and very yummy!


  3. We had it twice this month ~ thanks for a great new go-to recipe!

  4. Thanks for the salad recipe - will have to try that!