Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Sewing

This morning I made time for a little Saturday sewing. My days have been filled with Blue Ribbon Designs and I needed a little creative intervention.

My sewing pile (or should I say stack) is I picked an older project I had packaged up with fabric and ready to go - it is called "Foldover Bag" and is by Renee Plains of Liberty Star. I really liked the front and back pockets with buttons...I used some great flower-shaped shell buttons from Moda. I am always on the lookout for black/brown cotton prints - I have been collecting fat quarters of black/brown fabrics for quite some time - hoping to one day make a large quilt. I absolutely adore the floral focus fabric I used in the this tote (it is also the lining) - I bought yardage of it specifically for this project and pulled a couple of my black/brown fat quarters to work with it. The photo on the right shows the bag without being folded over for closure - the photos below show the top folded over - front (left) and back (right). This bag took about 2 hours to make...and that includes all the ironing, cutting, and piecing. This is a great size for carrying my favorite stitching project...and has a nice size pocket on both the front and the back...along with a generous inside pocket. It was the perfect Saturday Sewing distraction...refreshing me for my current workload. For me, it is always fun to take a break and do a little sewing and quilting...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...find time to take a break and on a project that brings you joy!


  1. A gorgeous bag! I really must have a go at making my own bag...

  2. I love it! The fabrics are gorgeous, and the bag is pretty too!

  3. Love your new bag! The colors are fabulous!

  4. What a great bag! I envy your sewing ability.

    (P.S. Owlivia says Hi)

  5. Lovely! Wish I could sew like that!