Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shiny New Frames

My Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler is finally ready to display - I was able to pick it yesterday...and just had to share it with you before it went on the wall! What a treat to have this piece finished and framed after starting it years ago. ...and going along with my finishing UFOs and spring cleaning, I decided it was time to frame a couple more pieces in my aging completed pile. I think we all have them....pieces we stitched and put aside to finish or frame at a later date...well in my case, these pieces were stitched years ago, as you see by the "2004" date on one of the pieces. Over the years, I have compiled a pretty good pile of completed pieces waiting to be framed or finished in some way. Slowly, but surely, I have made the decision to get these orphaned pieces out of the needlework safe and into my home! There is one small problem - with a couple hundred framed works already in my home, the challenge is finding creative ways to display them...

Shown below:
Left: "Freedom Flowers" by Just Nan....I remember stitching this design right when it was released...and I loved the over-one stitching (butterflies) and specialty stitches. The fun frame gave it a great new look!
Right: "Truly Thine" by Blackbird Designs (Loose Feathers Number 6). Over the years, I have collected and kitted all the Loose Feathers Club designs...and the first year, I actually stitched all of them. In 2004, I stitched both the heart-shaped pillow with strawberry emery and the sampler design...it just took me until 2010 to get it framed.

It was delightful to see these pieces I worked on years ago in their shiny new frames....and as I continue to rescue old finished pieces from the completed pile, I will be sure to share them with you!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous -- all of them! I love how each one showcases your stitched piece! Way to go, Belinda!


  2. So beautiful Belinda, very happy for you! I too would be glad to have Creations done, that's a lengthy WIP:) Looking forward to more framed...


  3. Oooh they are all gorgeous Belinda!