Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret...

My close friends will tell you, I love Longaberger....baskets, pottery, furniture, you name fact, one might say I am a Longaberger addict. So when I saw the new Collector's Club Wrought Iron Tree (made especially for their Backyard Bird Ornament Collection), I immediately thought it would be fun to use for displaying my seasonal handmade ornaments. I was so excited when this tree arrived in November - just in time to display some of my many Christmas holiday ornaments! Shown in the photos: my tree with a small collection of ornaments (my designs)...and a photo of it's intended use with the Backyard Bird Ornament Collection. This tree is a great size at 24"l x 6"w x 20"h and the base can easily be removed to hang on the wall. It is definitely one of my new favorite things!

Another thing my close friends will tell you...although I have designed over 100 Christmas ornaments and have a HUGE collection of stitched pieces, I am yet to have a Christmas tree. Each year I think will be the year I finally purchase a tree. I have fond childhood memories of picking out a tree each year and having our house smell like pine...I would love to have a freshly cut tree...but alas, I don't think that is the best option for a tree full of linen stitched I have toyed with the idea of getting a GOOD faux tree (for six years now) and just haven't jumped in and purchased one. I get so busy around holiday time and it just never seems to happen...each year I have the best intentions, and yet our house is still "treeless". So there you have it, my dirty little secret...I love the holidays...I love designing for Christmas...and just maybe, one day I will have a tree to decorate....


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you don't have a tree, especially with all the ornaments that you have and designed! Of course, then there is the other side - I have a tree and have barely stitched an ornament for it (maybe three). So I don't know what is worse! LOL

  2. We rarely decorate for Christmas as we go back east to be with family over the holidays. That said, we do have an artificial tree -- in white! It shows off the stitched ornaments much better than a green tree does.

  3. I will fess up too we haven't had a tree for the last 2 years since we moved house. I just put up a few hanging ornaments and my Snowmen collection. I was appalled a couple of years ago when my Mum didn't have a tree up...oopps......LOL