Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feeling So Blessed...

Today was my local stitch group's holiday gathering...and what a delightful time we had! I hadn't been in the most festive of mood this year, but that changed today - there is nothing like stitching and sharing with friends...add to that good food, hot cider, and special gifts...all in a fabulous holiday atmosphere...I feel completely refreshed and much more in the Christmas spirit! I have some of the most talented, creative, and generous friends. You all know I absolutely love opening tiny presents...could be a pencil or a toothbrush, but if it is wrapped, I am "over the moon" - so what a surprise today when we all found out each of us had brought gifts for the whole group...we had so much fun stitching, exchanging packages, laughing, and catching up...what a joyous way to spend part of my day - I am feeling so very blessed! To my stitching friends - thank you for making this day so very special...

Shown in the photos - lovely treasures from our gift exchange: top right - a handmade prairie point (fabric) pine cone ornament...below (L to R) - Red Raspberry Jam, Mill Hill Holiday Pin Kit, Handmade Tapestry Threader, Handmade (by 10-year-old child) Beaded Ornament Hanger, Handmade Scissor Fob, Tweezers (the most unique ones I have seen), DMC variegated floss, and Vanilla Chai drink mix.
Check back tomorrow to see the gift I brought for everyone...and for your chance to win one in a new holiday giveaway!


  1. What a fun time that would be. It looks like you got lots of nice little goodies. I just love the little things that don't break the bank so to speak. That jam looks yummy!

  2. Stitching friends are the BEST!! I'm so glad you had a good time. And you racked up! love the pine cone!