Monday, September 28, 2009

Playing With Pouches

I've been trying to "brush up" and perfect some basic sewing know the ones many of us shy away zippers and buttonholes. Today I wanted to play with some autumn fabrics, so I decided to make some pouches and/or project bags with zippers. Now for those of you who are a little afraid of zippers, there are some great patterns to help you perfect this skill. A great skill starter pattern for pouches with zippers is "Perfect Pouches" (#113) by Lazy Girl Designs....easy instructions to make three sizes of pouches - and the largest 9" x 13" is perfect for a cross stitch project bag! The smallest - 5" x 7" is the top left pouch in my photo and is great for those stitching treasures and accessories. For those of you with a sewing/embroidery machine you can make some of these great pouches completely "in-the-hoop"! The Purple Hat has some wonderful digitized pouches you can make with your embroidery unit...take a look at: Large Purses, Purse Essentials, Pencil Cases, and Wet Wipes Cases... easy and quick to make zippered pouches made entirely in the hoop. I had so much fun making these little project bags...I got a little carried away...looks like there may be another contest in the future to give one (or some) away...

Remember, you can still enter to win the needle case giveaway (see previous blog entry)...I will chose a winner by random generator on Wednesday morning, September 30th...


  1. These are so pretty! Looks like you sew just fine to me- much better than I do! ;)

  2. Those look great. Do the Lazy Girl ones have all the inside seam allowances hidden? When I make that type, I usually zigzag over the inside seams, but I'd love to find a way to enclose them so they are hidden in the lining.

  3. Hi Annie!

    No, the inside seam allowances are not all hidden in the Lazy Girl design...the seams where the fabric meets the zipper are (this design uses a great technique for the zipper), but the seams around the outer four sides are not. I serged the inside seams, but zigzag works just as well. I agree, it would be great to find a way to enclose them! Keep me updated if you find an easy solution...

  4. All of these little projects are lovely and such pretty fabrics you chose for them.