Friday, January 24, 2020

Some Serious Sewing

Hello all - thanks for stopping by for a visit! This will be a quick post, as I am in the middle of a sewing marathon. I have been catching up on custom project bag orders this week and my sewing machine has been humming along. I have been working on quite a few of my signature BRD project bags in both large and small sizes - all with fabulous fabrics provided by the customers. This batch also includes a few more With Thy Needle and Thread "Stitcher's Rule" project bags that are created from a printed panel (purchased from WTNT)...but in true Belinda fashion, I made changes to the panel instructions to make them with the zipper across the top...and I've made several with a boxed bottom. Plus, I had a special request for a vinyl lined zipper bag for a traveler - I made a special pattern for this unique bag that has cotton fabric on the outside and is lined with a coordinating cotton fabric and clear vinyl....along with a boxed bottom. This bag was a bit of a challenge, but I was thrilled with the results and may make more in the future, if the demand is there - it was a bit time consuming, but well worth the end product. So without further ado, here are just a few of the bags that I completed this week...

My signature cosmetic bag - cotton outside and inside
with an added clear vinyl lining...

Inside of cosmetic bag...

With Thy Needle and Thread "Stitcher's Rule" project bags
that are created from a printed panel and finished "my way"...

With Thy Needle and Thread "Stitcher's Rule" project bags 
that are created from a printed panel and finished "my way"...

It's been a busy week, as I rush to complete as many orders as possible before a trip to Florida in mid-February (yes, I am taking a week of vacation with my husband - headed to the Orlando area to visit my momma and Dan..and to get in some beach time). I have more project bags, a couple stitching mats, a custom quilt order and piles of needlework finishing in my studio bins at the moment...and some cross stitch design work in progress (yes, I am still working on some new designs!). I also just finished up a couple more pieces for Just CrossStitch magazine, so you will find Blue Ribbon Designs in several issues in the coming year. Plus, I would like to make time to get a few more items listed in my Etsy Shop - (EXCITING NEWS!) I am only five sales away from 2,000 which is a HUGE milestone. Things here are buzzing along and I feel so blessed to be able to be creative each and every day!

For now, I will leave you with a photo that Travis took of the dogs on Christmas day - Garin's head tilt is everything...and another one of them being BIG "helpers" in my sewing studio....


  1. Wow love your bags , you are one busy lady .
    They are so beautiful.
    Your dogs are so cute .
    Have a good week of rest.

  2. You've been VERY busy!
    Very pretty bags.
    Your dogs are beautiful.

  3. I am glad that you are keeping busy in your studio. Busy is truly a good blessing. The bags are simply gorgeous, each and every one of them. I love the pictures of Schatzi and Garin! xoxoxox