Thursday, January 30, 2020

Flirty Birdies

This will be a quick post, as my list is beyond long fact, so long that I am not sure where to start. I finished up a labor of love this week...a quilt my husband requested for one of his employees at work. I'm pretty sure he has no idea of the work or expense involved...he didn't even let me know how the recipient responded until I asked (sigh)...but it was for a great cause and hopefully I put some good karma out in the universe. This is a flannel baby quilt... using an older collection of fabric - Flirty Birdies by Michele Scott for Northcott. I actually didn't get a good photo of the completed quilt (another sigh), as I was in a bit of a rush to get it done...and it was late at night when I finally finished it. The expectant mother is waiting until birth to learn the sex of the baby, so this is the more gender neutral option. I used my embroidery machine to create a special label for the back using coordinating colors (I have blocked out some of the information for privacy reasons). Although, I don't have a picture perfect photo to share, it did turn out cute and cuddly...and hopefully, it will be well-loved.

So I have marked this off my "to-do list" and I can get back to work that needs to be done. I'll be in my cutting room for the rest of the day - I have piles (and piles) of project bags to cut, two stitching mats, several mug rugs, a couple wall hangings and bunches of needlework finishing pieces to prepare. I am feeling overwhelmed trying to get the majority done before a trip to Florida in mid-February...luckily, most of my clients have patience...much more so than the weight I put on my own shoulders to get things done quickly. With that, I am done procrastinating and off to the cutting tables...I hope the rest of your Thursday is a happy one...


  1. That's a very sweet and adorable baby quilt!

  2. Wonderful quilt ,looks like allot of work.
    I am sure they would be over the moon with such a beautiful gift .

  3. The quilt is beautiful.
    I like the idea of sweet birdies.

  4. What a beautiful quilt you created for the baby to be, Belinda! It is so cheerful and of course, it had birds! Well done! Thinking of you! xoxoxox