Monday, December 9, 2019

The Finishing Touch

Hello friends - I'm back for a quick evening post - it seems this is the quietest/easiest time of day to sit down and visit with you! Our household is on a crazy schedule at the moment and I am finding it a bit of a challenge. I thought I would stop by tonight and share some recent needlework finishes I completed for a favorite customer. This is the last of the needlework finishing for a little while and I will be back to cutting project bags and custom sewing orders later tonight. These needlework pieces were all for one  wonderful customer...and she is GREAT to work with - a box of needlework arrives with the instructions of "do whatever you think" - these are my favorite type of orders that make the time in my studio rewarding and fun. I truly adore orders like these, as I get to choose all the backing fabrics, shapes, and embellishments...and truth be told, that is my favorite part!! I had fun picking coordinating fabrics for the backs, picking trims (thanks to Lady Dot Creates) and making the twisted cord...and, as always, adding the finishing touches...

One piece I should share about is the needlepoint pillow (shown in upper right corner and below). I normally do not finish needlepoint or canvas pieces - they are definitely not my specialty...but this was a unique situation and the piece was in remembrance for a family member. The stitching wasn't quite complete and there were a couple stains - but I got it cleaned up, pressed and blocked the best I could. The original idea was to trim the pillow with piping or cord around the perimeter, but once I had the pillow created, I really liked the look without any edging. I sent photos to the stitcher and we agreed it looked good without. I was quite pleased with the end result. It is always rewarding when something special turns out as imagined.

I hope you enjoy these images...and maybe you will be inspired to pull out your most recent cross stitch piece and do a little needlework finishing yourself. Designers/details are listed with the images when available...fabrics in the photos are used for backing...

Needlepoint Canvas by Bucilla
(I do not have a title or year)

Needlepoint Pillow Back

Let It Snow - Threadwork Primitives

Jingle All The Way - Just Another Button Company (I think)

Jingle All The Way - Ornament Back

Family Mittens by Cricket Collection

Grand Olde Flag by With thy Needle & Thread
My finishing idea - model is flat finished.

Grand Olde Flag Hanging

Summer Stroll by Just Nan

Spell of the Moon by Backbird Designs

Tom Turkey Sampler by Heart in Hand

Love Sampler by Heart in Hand
My finishing idea - valentine/letter holder - model was framed.
I 💗 this!!
I am now headed down to my cutting room to prepare project bags until my husband gets home from work. Yes friends, the sleep schedule is insane here and the struggle is daily routine is completely out of sorts. I'm guessing I have over a hundred bags to cut, so I have plenty to keep me I'm listening to a great book (I LOVE Audible) that will keep me company (along with the dogs - they love the cool basement floor!). I have more creative things to share with you, so I should be back another late night this week...


  1. These are lovely! Especially like the owl and moon.

  2. These are all so beautiful!
    I love the blue Mittens, so special.
    Have fun with your cutting!

  3. Each one of these finishes is incredible, Belinda! That cardinal piece is so special. I love the way you finished the Love Sampler piece as well as well as the Grand Old Flag piece! Well done on each!

  4. Awesome finishes! I love the fabric you chose to back each one.

  5. Very sweet finishing Belinda. Hope you're getting in some holiday cheer for yourself:)

  6. Belinda: Your finishing is lovely.

    Merry Christmas