Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Bag Factory

Today, I am waiting for a large order of zippers to arrive, so I can get back to work...I decided it was the perfect time to stop by for a quick visit. My mom started lovingly referring to my sewing room as the "bag factory" and we chuckle about it often...lately, it seems that I am working on project bags almost every single day. It's a fun job because I get to play with an assortment of beautiful fabrics for hours upon hours. The last few days, I have even made time to work on large and small project bags for my Etsy shop...and I have to smile, because they sell out almost as fast as I can list them (as I write this, there are just a handful left)! I'm working on a scheduling plan to make several a day to try and keep it stocked up...we'll see how that goes. Thank you to all my customers and clients for keeping me busy!! I have also found time to get back to listing more of my historic needlework book collection for sale (although I dearly love each and every book, my shelves are overflowing and it is time for others to experience the joy in these very rare finds. I really realized this *needed* to happen with our recent don't even want to know how many boxes of books I had 😲...if you are looking for rare historic needlework or sampler books, keep an eye on my shop and I will list more as time allows). For now, here are just a few photos of bags that have been shipping out of "the factory" the last couple weeks...

For project bags that are ready to purchase - visit my Etsy Shop (assorted bags are listed when available):
For custom made project bags - send me an e-mail for details:

Well, I hear the mail truck - that should mean my zippers are here...along with a couple custom orders...time for me to get back to the bag factory. I have a goal in mind and then some model stitching this evening...


  1. All the pictured bags are fabulous, Belinda! Your bags are incredibly made. I hope you zippers arrived in today's mail delivery. Thinking of you! xoxoxo

  2. I love all my project bags :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love seeing all your bags Belinda, so much fabric fun. Hope you're settling in nicely:)

  4. WOW! That's a lot of beautiful bags!!
    I hope you enjoy your first Summer in your new home.

  5. Belinda: Beautiful bags, I love the Santa one so much I may need to pop on over and see if he is available.