Monday, June 3, 2019

My Happy Place

Greetings friends! My apologizes for not visiting much lately...we are yet to have Internet service at our new home (a downfall of new construction), making it more of a challenge to get online for tasks that require more than my iPhone. I'm trying to get on a schedule where I can share more often...and fingers crossed, we will have WiFi by the end of June...

If you follow me on social media, then you know I have TONS of news and lots of finishes to share. First and foremost, I am working on new cross stitch designs...YES, you heard fact, I have been model stitching for the last couple months. I have an arsenal of unreleased designs that have been sitting on the back burner for quite some time (years)...and recently, I have had a strong calling to get back to my true passion of needlework design. To be 100% honest, I have been hesitant to share this information, as I wasn't sure how well new designs would be received...and I really don't have a plan yet, as far as printing and selling/distributing, plus the high cost of it all (we all know, it takes money to make money...and that has been the issue the last few years)...but something inside kept telling me to work on all the designs swimming around in my head and somehow, someway, it would all work itself out. So, that is where I am at...designing and model stitching and hoping there will still be some interest in my work when I am ready to release them. I will be sure to keep you updated and share some more peeks, along the way. This image (top right) is a model I just finished stitching and will be titled "My Happy Place" - it is a cheerful signature sampler featuring a bunch of my favorite motifs. I have found since the move, I still feel like "a fish out of water"...but designing and cross stitch can still put me in my "happy place" and that is what this sampler is all about!

I will save my recent quilting, sewing and needlework finishing for a few future posts - I have definitely been BUSY...however, I will share a few photos of the kids (our German Shepherds - Schatzi and Garin) today. I have had a lot of questions on how they are doing since the, here is a brief update. Our backyard fence has been completed and they LOVE their new larger backyard (when it has been dry enough for them to enjoy it!). Garin pretty much ignores the cows, but Schatzi is quite talkative when they visit. They have both adjusted quite well to the new neighborhood!

Speaking of the cows...I love having them as neighbors! I know it is going to be a good day when they come for a visit. My husband laughs, because I have become quite attached to seeing them every few days and miss them when they are not around. Here are a few favorite photos...

Hopefully, I will be back to visit soon - I have taken quite a few photos since we arrived in Kansas. I have a few photos of my new sewing room and some creative storage solutions I came up with out of necessity. I also have a few quilting projects, a ton of project bag photos, and some needlework finishing to share with you...AND I made my first visit to the local quilt shop a few days ago, so I have that to share too! I look forward to chatting with you soon....


  1. Looks like a beautiful Sampler.
    Can't wait to see what else you have designed.
    The dogs are so handsome, Garin has grown a lot, love his brown eyebrows.
    The cows look so curious! They are beautiful.

  2. Your new design looks fabulous, my friend. I love the colors and I love blocks of motifs. Both Schatzi and Garin look happy in their new place. I enjoyed the cow pictures. It sounds like you are settling in. Thinking of you!

  3. Belinda: I am so happy you are doing new designs, I am looking forward to seeing them.
    I love the dog and cow photos, the cows seem so friendly.


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  5. great to hear you are settling in and the pups are loving their new yard and neighbors. I'm sure cows can be odd for city dogs to adjust to. Take care - and keep creating - Mel