Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bountiful Bags

Today's post is all about projects bags...yes, piles of them...large project bags, small project bags, and tool bags. I have been done some serious sewing...that is, until my fancy sewing machine decided it needed to see the doctor...yep, she is acting up, so will be headed in for service (this afternoon)...she needs a little TLC (hopefully just a good cleaning). Until then, I am using my basic Singer without all the bells and whistles...which works, but is not ideal. As you can see, I have been managing to fulfill orders - they are just taking me a bit longer {sigh!}. I am still steadily working through requests, so if you are waiting, thank you for your patience! Here is just a snippet of what has been on the sewing table and keeping me busy...

Time to get cleaned up and head to the quilt shop (Joyce, I'm headed your way!) - say a little prayer or send some positive vibes to me and my baby (my sewing machine)...

I'll be back very soon with some cross stitch finishes and a couple other sewing details on my latest magazine published designs...


  1. What gorgeous bags you have been creating, Belinda! There are going to be some very happy bag people out there. Hope your machines just needs a good cleaning! Thinking of you! xoxoxox

  2. My, you've been busy!
    All of the bags are beautiful!!!
    Positive vibes to your sewing machine!