Friday, January 12, 2018

Projects, Presents, and a Puppy

Happy Friday friends! I thought I would pop in on this bitter cold afternoon and visit with you. The winter months are wearing on me and I am already dreaming of springtime and sunshine. This week I have been focusing on balance - it has been a struggle since we added a puppy to our family at the end of October. Trying to keep on a schedule and accomplish everything I have to do has been a bit overwhelming...and truth be told, I could really use a vacation....but I'm trying to keep on track and steadily work through my deadlines and work obligations.

This past week, I finished up a couple magazine models for Just CrossStitch Magazine - look for a new ornament in the July/August issue (Christmas Ornament Preview) and another in the special Christmas Ornament Issue. I can't show them to you before the publications are released, but here is a photo teaser of the ornament backs (upper right) - I will tell you, they complement my previous woodland ornament series.

I have also been working on a huge pile of Stitch Start Ruler Sleeves - the last couple weeks have wiped out pretty much all of the stock in my Etsy if you have contacted me or have been waiting, I should have a good assortment listed in the next week.

Between client special orders, I have been working on a mini heart quilt and I'm in the process of basting it for quilting. I used a layer cake from the "Lovely" Collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda - isn't it adorable?? I can't wait to get it quilted and makes me smile!

I also have a couple fun cross stitch photos to share with you. Even though I cancelled Christmas this year, I still received a few heartwarming packages in the mail from a couple very dear friends. Check out these cute, unique ornaments...and several AMAZING squirrel gifts...each one of these pieces fills me with joy!

Finally today - for those who have asked, here are some recent photos of Garin. He is growing leaps and bounds...and believe it or not, he will be old enough to leave for his formal training at the end of February. We sent Miss Schatzi through this exact same training when she was a puppy and it was worth every penny and the time we were apart. As you can see from these photos, Schatzi and Garin have become best friends - they play hard, but every once in a while, they rest long enough to get a photo...


  1. How does Garin like the snow? I love the photos of the two of them together. Look forward to seeing the stitch sleeves in your Etsy shop, Belinda; they make fabulous gifts. Your little heart wall hanging is darling. Special gifts for a special lady!

  2. Wonderful projects and what a cute pup he is. They look comfy together.

  3. Oh my gosh, those dog are adorable, my dog love to bury her nose in the snow and snort.
    Love all the gifts they are so sweet.


  4. The heart quilt is pretty in those colors.
    Cute gifts!
    Garin is too cute, love his fuzzy ears!

  5. Garin is really growing and how fun to see the photo of them together. Looks like you are busy, busy as always and I can't wait to see more of your heart quilt!