Saturday, September 30, 2017

Meet Garin

*WARNING* Cuteness overload.
Today, I want to introduce you to the (soon-to-be) newest addition to our family - he will be joining us at the end of October. We are pretty sure we will be naming him Garin (German for warrior). He is a long-coat German Shepherd...and is actually related to Schatzi. Miss Schatzi and Caldonia (the mother of the puppies) have the same father. After losing Simba last fall, we talked about getting a playmate for Schatzi - I went back and forth on getting a smaller dog or another was a really tough decision. We actually decided on another German Shepherd back in December and started the process, but (as some of you know) my husband was put on special assignment with UPS and has been in Chicago three weeks of every month since January - I didn't want the entire responsibility of a new puppy on my shoulders (they are a lot of work to add to my already full schedule!), so we had to postpone adding to our family. My husband will finally finish his special assignment at the end of October and then this fluffy little boy will be ready to join our household! We are excited and counting the days...

20-days old.

4-weeks old.

5-weeks old.

6-weeks old.
As you can see, he is growing fast...pretty soon those ears will be up! I'll try not to overload you with puppy pictures, but I will keep you updated...


  1. OMG! He is soooooo cute.
    You can even see his progression from week to week.
    So cute.

  2. Oh my, he's so cute - I love German Shepherd dogs - they are so intelligent.

  3. What a cutie Belinda! He will be a precious addition to your household.

  4. Oh my goodness, Belinda! He is adorable. He is going to be an awesome addition to your household.

  5. what a handsome boy Garin is - love the name ! SO - is there some long coats and some smooth in each litter? How do you know that puppy fuzz won't fall out and he'll be smooth? Just curious - I used to show dogs and I don't ever remember seeing any long coat GSD being exhibited. I think getting another shepherd is a great idea. Cheers Mel

  6. Oh my gosh he is so photogenic and so cute.
    Keep us updated to when he comes home with you.


  7. he is soooooo cute keep plenty of pics coming we love cats and dogs.