Monday, September 18, 2017

Finishing Touches

Hello friends - it is another late night post - it seems this is the quietest/easiest time of day to sit down and visit with you! I thought I would stop by and share some recent needlework finishes I completed for a favorite customer. I've been trying to balance the abundance of needlework finishing jobs with project bag orders...and I think I finally have a system down with everything in dated trays in order of arrival and have been steadily working through each. These needlework pieces were all for one customer...and she is GREAT to work with - a box of needlework arrives with a list of each piece and any details...and all of these were requested as flat-finishes - the only details were not to put hangers on the Prairie Schooler Santas, as they would be on easels...and she wanted the patriotic heart to be round....oh, and minimal fabric allowance around the edges. I truly adore orders like these, as I get to choose all the backing fabrics, shapes, and embellishments...and truth be told, that is my favorite part!! I had fun picking coordinating fabrics for the backs and making the twisted cord...and, as always, adding the finishing touches...

Cross stitch designs are by Misty Hill Studio.

Cross stitch designs are by: Misty Hill Studio (left), Blue Ribbon Designs (center),
Country Cottage Needleworks (right).

Cross Stitch designs by Prairie Schooler.

I am now back to sewing project bags until I feel tired enough to sleep. Yes, friends, the insomnia is real and is still schedule is completely out of sorts...but after some medical testing over the last several weeks, I finally have some answers and new medication and I hope to start feeling back to myself in the next few weeks (Ruth - if you are reading this - I received the fabulous book you sent me this week - it was perfect timing and is proving to be quite helpful - THANK YOU!!). I have a list of multiple things to share with you, so I should be back another late night this week...I have some very inspiring photos I took of my mother's gorgeous flower gardens...along with photos from a lovely Wisconsin apple orchard to give you an autumn fix!


  1. All of the ornaments are so cute.
    Nothing like good apples from here in WI. :)

  2. Each one is simply fabulous from the choice of backing fabrics to trims to the finished project. Incredible!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I love what you did here. It's always amazing to me to see how first-class finishing takes a design to the "wow" factor very quickly.