Friday, November 25, 2016

Giving Thanks...and My Story Video

Wild turkeys having a feast at the bird feeders
 in the backyard on Thanksgiving...followed by
a drink from the bird bath...
Happy day after Thanksgiving - I hope you had a wonderful celebration with family and friends! My husband and I actually made a trip to Lake Summerset, IL, so I could spend Thanksgiving with my mommy for the first time in over 20 years. It was a quick, but special trip...and it was so nice to see my mom and Dan and extended family. We left yesterday morning - made the five hour drive and arrived an hour before dinner - then, spent the night and returned home bright and early this morning, as my husband had to work this afternoon (many of you know, my husband is in management for UPS and we all know how much shipping is happening this time of year!). In any case, we had a lovely trip, family time, and a delicious meal...and Schatzi even tagged along and spent time with some new friends (Daisy and Wilson).

Thank you to everyone for your love and kind words regarding Simba...I found comfort in many of your messages. I also have to thank those who have checked in with me since my oral surgery - it went as expected and I am healing - all is well. I feel very blessed to have so many caring people in my life - my heart is full.

On to the creative part of my post...
We all know how passionate I am about anything created with a needle and thread - by hand or machine....and many of you know there are two things I can't live without in my sewing studio - my Accuquilt products and my Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond sewing and embroidery machine/Huskylock s25. I'm pretty sure everyone knows how much I love my sewing machine and how hard I worked to get it years ago - it brings me joy every single day. Over the years, they have released new and improved versions of my machine...but the most recent, the Designer Epic, is truly extraordinary - oh how I have been drooling over this machine for months. Obviously a machine of this caliber is not in my budget, so when I saw Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines was have a video contest with an Epic as a grand prize, I had to put on my thinking cap to think of a video idea that would be worthy of submission. My idea grew slowly and turned into the contest entry you can view below - I am an amatuer videographer, but I had so much fun making it...and I knew I had to give it a shot! I'm not a big fan of contests that require you to solicit votes - many times it is a popularity contest and the entry itself (no matter how good it is) isn't a factor...but I had to make an exception in this special case and at least TRY. I hope you enjoy my short video testimonial about why I love the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic sewing and embroidery machine and why it is #sewworthit...and if you feel so inclined, please place a vote for my entry.

To vote, simply visit the following link - and click on VOTE - NO sign-up, e-mail, or personal information is required - yep, just visit the link and click VOTE:

It only takes a second and I would appreciate it "sew" very much! Contest rules state: you can vote once per IP address.

You can see the video in it's entirety by visiting the link above, or my YouTube page, or for those who have a browser that support it, I am posting it below (note: you still have to visit the link above to vote):

I hope it makes you smile and you can tell how much I enjoyed putting it together...and, of course, a squirrel made the final cut (after all, it is "my video story"). My fingers (and toes) are crossed, as I am sure there will be some GOOD competition (at the time of this post, my video was the only submission - along with two Epic videos from Husqvarna Viking)....maybe that is good luck!


  1. Way to go, Belinda! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you except when I need to use my fingers to stitch. It sounded like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. xoxoxox

  2. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving.
    Cute video!
    I voted. :)

  3. I voted! It's a funny video. I hope you win.

  4. Good luck Belinda. Cute video...I hope it's a winner. I voted too.

    1. Thanks so much – I had fun making it! I appreciate you taking a moment to vote for me. :-)

  5. Good luck Belinda. Cute video...I hope it's a winner. I voted too.