Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Creative Catch-up

Hello friends! Finally - I have a minute to blog (whew!) has been an INSANE month and I have quite a bit to share. Please excuse my absence - between quilt market projects/my workload, my husband having back surgery, Simba (a senior Shih Tzu) needing quite a bit of extra attention right now (he will be 15 in November and is having some health issues), and the weight of everything on my immune system (of course I get sick), I have been a little overwhelmed. I am, however, hanging in there and keeping my creativity flowing....and doing my best to remain positive...and tonight (while happily listening to the Cubbies game), I found a quiet moment to share some photos with you. Here is a taste of what has been happening in the studio this past month (these are some of the things I can share)...and I'll be back tomorrow to share my AccuQuilt Blog project for October (it's an AUTUMN design)....

I finished up quite a few customer needlework are some images...these were stitched by a favorite customer that pretty much lets me finish her pieces how I see fit - she gives me a few details, but I get to be creative and pick all supplies - which makes the process REALLY fun for me!...and even more fun, a couple of these are my cross stitch designs!

Of course, I have had more orders for zippered project bags and tool pouches (here are photos of a few)...I have a bunch more in the works...and at the time of this post, a few are still available in my Etsy shop (which is RARE!) - including a couple made from Halloween fabrics...

I have also been working on some large quilting projects...I finished another BIG team quilt (Auburn Tigers) for  customer and have been working on a couple other sizable pieces (which I can't show just yet - but I can share a photo of some of the pretty Robert Kaufman fabrics I have been working with)....

Finally, here is a sneak peek of tomorrow's post...a fall project I have been working on for the AccuQuilt Blog....

Thanks for visiting today - I've missed you...and stop back really soon to check out the "pumpkin" makes me happy!


  1. As always the items are wonderful! Please take care of your self and the family. While we miss hearing from you, we understand. XOXO

  2. I have missed you. I hope Travis' back surgery went well and he is on the road to full healing. What a wide assortment of finished things! Your craftsmanship is incredible! xoxox

  3. Everything is gorgeous!!!!!! Hope your hubby is healing and feeling much better :-). Hope Simba is better, my girls are half shih tzu and half bichon. Hugs!

  4. Love them all! Please take care of yourself and don't take on too many projects! You'll want to be in excellent shape for the upcoming holidays!