Friday, September 2, 2016

Finishing Frenzy

Needlework Finishing - Pincushion/Bowl Filler...
It's been a finishing frenzy in the Blue Ribbon Designs studio the last few weeks. I am getting ready to take a rare mini vacation with my husband...and I am "one of those" who has an extremely hard time relaxing - especially when I have work waiting for, I have been super focused and working round the clock to finish up the projects on my to-do tables before we head off for a little rest and relaxation. I am down to one last project (that isn't time sensitive) - and although it won't be complete before I leave, I have a great start on it and it will be waiting for me when I return home. I have been working on a variety of creative endeavors, including: needlework finishing, custom sewing, custom quilting, and freelance designing. Here is a picture trail of some of the projects I have completed (some I can't share with you just yet)...

Needlework Finishing - Flat-Finish Ornaments

Needlework Finishing - Flat-Finish Ornaments

Needlework Finishing - Stuffed Ornament with Pocket on Back

Needlework Finishing - Stuffed Ornament

Needlework Finishing - Flat-Finish Ornaments

Needlework Finishing - Flat-Finish Ornaments

Custom Project Bags and Custom Tool Bags

I got to cut into these gorgeous Robert Kaufman fabrics...

Major pin basting...

After receiving a tremendous stash gift from a dear friend, at her request,
I made her this Amy Butler "Birdie Sling" bag...
I also have to share, I received a fabulous surprise package in the mail from my very dear NH friend (which came at the perfect time!)...and it had the most adorable squirrel ribbon/trim (along with several other goodies and a hand-written letter)....isn't it wonderful?!

...and speaking of squirrels...
Anyone have a pet squirrel?? 🐿 A neighbor's tree is filling my backyard with acorns...this is the first bucket full of the season...I have to gather them before each mowing or it makes for very bumpy lawn care...

For now, I'm off to clean house and get the laundry complete...then I will be working on a quilted wall hanging later today...and maybe have time for a little model stitching tonight. For my friends in the United States, enjoy the long holiday weekend...


  1. Oh my goodness, so many beautiful finish's, wow you have been very busy.
    I love the quilt top so bright and happy looking.
    The bag is adorable and perfect color combination.
    Oh no the acorns, we used to have them all over our yard at our last home, I am so happy to not have them here, we had to sharpen the blade all the time, the acorns got picked up but then while mowing more fell yuck.


  2. Belinda, everything looks fabulous. Your finishing is exceptional. Look forward to see the quilt when you finish the quilting. Thinking of you! xoxox

  3. So many beautiful finishes! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. We have acorns falling here. I know that means fall is near, but the temps are still in the 90s.

  4. Your finishing is beautiful. Oh fun you get real acorns to decorate with.