Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Colorful Catch-Up

It is a cold, windy, rainy night and I am just about ready to head to my cozy stitching nest for the rest of the "evening". I am still working away on a huge pattern writing freelance design project - it is monopolizing most of each day, but I continue to make time to do a little model stitching each night (for my sanity!). Here is a sneak peek at what I am working on at the moment (right). I also have a couple other colorful/creative things to share tonight...

A couple new books that are full of sewing inspiration arrived a few days ago - I managed to take a break this past weekend and give them a quick once over with a hot cup of tea...oh how I wish there were more hours in the day! These books are full of cheerful ideas to keep me busy...you know, in my "free time"...

 Also, if you ever wondered what 200 colorful 14-inch zippers look like, here is a photo to quench your curiosity - I go through quite a few making my zippered pouches and bags and it was time to stock up...I'm obsessed...and these make me happy!

Etsy has launched a new website program called "Pattern by Etsy"...it gives Etsy shop owners the ability to have a stand-a-lone eCommerce website that directly links to their Etsy shop. I already have my own eCommerce website that took me moths to build and perfect, but thought I would give the 30-day trial a chance (it's always good to try new things!). It is a nice, simplified twist on the standard Etsy shop - you can find my new "pattern" shop here:

 Etsy has also been "remodeling" and ALL shops will have a new look - they started updating today and although it may take up to a week for all shops to have the new format, I think you will like the changes. Sometimes you need to freshen things up...so while you might still be seeing my original shop, here is a just a peek at the new layout...

Finally, here is a small sign of spring...and I can't wait for more! This was taken a few days ago...we actually had a few nice days...but then the winds and cold returned and now it is feeling like winter yet again. These daffodils are giving me hope...

I hope you are starting to see signs of spring in your corner of the world...


  1. Love that sneak preview! Can't wait to see the entire design.

  2. Hi Belinda, while you're sharing lovely Spring pics, I'm just waiting keenly for proper Autumn here... it's been a record-breaking summer here in Western Australia!

  3. Love your stitching sneak peek! Have been thinking of you and wondering how your big project was coming along! xoxoxox

  4. Those zips look like a bouquet of flowers! Daffodils are so cheerful....thank you for sending me some cheer!