Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Break...

It's been a busy week, finishing up last minute deadlines and orders before I take a vacation - yes, you heard me, I am taking a REAL vacation (gasp!). Yep, I am getting away from heaping mounds of snow and headed to the beach and Disney World...a true winter vacation (my first EVER). I managed to get quite a bit on my list accomplished...I still have a few irons in the fire, but they will wait until my return...or at least I hope they will.  I continue to stitch daily on my special design for the October 2015 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine...and I am getting ready to start a couple Halloween models for The World of Cross Stitching magazine that will also be published this fall. Plus you will see Blue Ribbon Designs in a couple of quilting magazines in the very near future...

The last several days were spent finishing up a special custom included a couple quilted window coverings, a project bag, and needlework finishing (a Stitch Starter Ruler Sleeve). The customer supplied the fabrics...which were all gorgeous and fun to work with...and provided a pattern booklet she liked for the window coverings (Graphic Mixx by Atkinson Designs - Corn Rows Quilt). I did my best to make the window coverings AccuQuilt friendly...and was happy to only have to trim down one size of the triangles (luckily I had my favorite trimming ruler - the 6 1/2" Triangle Square Up Ruler by Quilt in a Day - to make trimming the 5" half square triangle blocks easy and accurate). These custom window coverings came together beautifully and I managed to get the binding finished today (whew!).

So, I will be away from my studio/office from February 5th through February 12th...all correspondence and orders will be answered/filled in the order received upon my return on February 13th...I truly appreciate your patience! I am sure I will have some fun photos and things to share when I get back...look out Florida, I am on my way....


  1. Have a super vacation!!
    Love the blues of the quilt :)

  2. Have a great time on your trip!!

  3. Enjoy your winter getaway-you truly deserve it. I can't wait to hear about it during our lunch date. hugs from cold Iowa brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Have a safe journey to and from as well as enjoy your time away! the pictures you shared! You are one creative and talented gal! Thinking of you!


  5. Oh have a wonderful, fun-filled, most fun vacation. Sounds glorious!!

  6. well it's pretty chilly down here but nothing like what you have back home. Of course I am in the NE corner and it does definitely get cold here, more so than central fl. I bet you will have a great time - can't wait to hear about your adventures. Mel

  7. Come on down the weather is great!