Thursday, January 15, 2015

Designing, Creating, Organizing

I have an abundance of creative things to share with you this prepared to be inspired! I have been working on a plethora of deadlines - both needlework and quilting...and I am so EXCITED I can  finally share some of my recent projects with you!

In December, I was designing and creating sample models for AccuQuilt...I was asked to design a couple projects to aid in organizing your sewing room...I had a BUNCH of ideas, but the two they decided to use were for fabric baskets and a sewing machine organizing mat. I had so much fun designing and creating the samples, as these types of projects are right up my alley!

I made several prototypes of my Strippy Catch-All Basket Pattern before settling on the construction and fusibles. AccuQuilt wanted them to be a bit sturdier to hold cutting dies, and while that wasn't the original plan, these will hold the AccuQuilt dies, as seen in the photo below. These are simple strip piecing, light quilting, and basic sewing...and can be made in a variety of sizes! They are great for organizing just about anything: rick racks/trims, sewing notions,rulers, threads, and cuts of fabric...and you can make them match your sewing space by choosing fabrics that work well with your decor. If you would like to make some of these fabric cubes for your sewing room, you are in LUCK, as the GO! Strippy Catch-All Basket Pattern is FREE (yes, I said FREE) for a limited time on the AccuQuilt website:

The sewing machine organizing mat is also the perfect pattern to utilize when organizing your creative space! The blocks and sashing strips are pockets that are the perfect size to hold all your tools...and your sewing machine sits atop the mat to hold it firmly in place. The sashing strip pockets (gray fabric) are 1 1/2" wide, which may seem narrow, but they are perfect for pencils and marking pens, a stiletto, a seam ripper, a quarter inch ruler, and my favorite - small scissors with a fob attached, which I am always misplacing (point of scissors goes in the pocket, the handles sit atop)...those are just a few ideas. I designed a standard size mat, but you could (fairly easily) adjust the size depending on your machine type and the space you have available. Also, as the AccuQuilt photo shows below, you can use it for your fabric cutter - the GO! Big fits perfectly (I love this idea)! I can't wait to make a few of these for my sewing room - or at least one - you know, in my spare time. If you would like to make one for your creative work-space, I am THRILLED to tell you that the GO! Sewing Machine Organizing Mat Pattern is also available for FREE for a limited time (how awesome is that?!):

The AccuQuilt Blog also has a feature on getting organized - so stop by for a visit and read their tips for storing your cutting dies:

I am off to my sewing machine for a few hours, then to my stitching nest - I have more deadlines quickly approaching...but I will be back soon with another update...I have so many interesting ideas and projects to share this week...


  1. Way to go on creating super organizational tools, Belinda! I really like the quilt blocks on the front of the sewing mat and love the fabric bins.


  2. Wow!! It's all so wonderful.. Congratulations on getting all your wonderful creations in the magazine :)
    I love them... Going to take a look and when I am able to sit at my machine again will have a go at making them, they will help me be more organized for sure!
    Thank you :)
    Smiles :)

  3. I love that you are doing projects for AccuQuilt, the new machine looks amazing.

  4. These are great. They will be great for gifts as well. Thank you!