Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bunches of Bitty Blocks

Today, let's tackle fabric, I know not all of you have this problem, but those of you with a fabric addiction (myself definitely included), will understand. My fabric scrap bin is extremely out of control - it's truly overflowing! You see, I have a large plastic bin under my fabric cutting table (very convenient - perhaps too convenient)...and every time I cut out a project, the scraps get tossed in the bin (because I just can't bring myself to part with any small pieces of fabric that I think I could possibly use for something in the future - we all know, I LOVE fabric!). Every once in a while, I go on a scrap busting binge and try to  minimize what is in the bucket...but truth be told, my deadline list has been so tight, it leaves little time for anything else. So, when Quiltmaker Magazine announced on their blog Quilty Pleasures that they would be having a low stress monthly project for Bitty Blocks, I just knew it would be perfect for working with my scraps. On the first Monday of each month during 2015, Quiltmaker Magazine will post a Bitty Block on their blog...the blocks will be approximately 3″ or 4″ square...and even better, this is a FREE project - you provide the materials, they provide the instructions. The plan is to make Bitty Blocks during the month and then sew them into a row....then the rows will be sewn together to create an unique throw-size sampler quilt made from bunches of Bitty Blocks. So, I am doing my best to fit this project into my schedule and tackle my excessive scrap pile...

To shame myself into dealing with my fabric scrap stash, here are a couple photos (yes, this mess treasure trove is contained under my cutting table!)....

I haven't quite decided if I am going to do the sampler throw-size quilt...OR, in typical Belinda fashion, change things up and do a monthly small project. Since I am in a Valentine mood, I decided to pull red, white, and pink print scraps from the bin...and, as you can see, I found plenty to work with.

The Bitty Block for January is a 3" Bow Tie Block (you can find the simple instructions here on the Quilty Pleasures blog)...yep, the finished size is a 3" square...but don't let that scare/worry you, the instructions make it super simple! For each finished block, you need just two contrasting fabrics...and you cut/piece squares:
Fabric A: two squares 2″ x 2″ and two squares 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″
Fabric B: two squares 2″ x 2″
So we are talking about small scraps here...which I obviously have covered!

To make this project even more fun (if that is possible), I used my brand new GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter to cut the 2" squares for the Bitty Bow Tie Blocks this month...yes, that is a GO! Big on my cutting table and I am just giddy - it is truly spectacular! I am going to sharing my GO! Big fabric cutting experiences with you...and I will be part of the GO! Big Blog Hop that starts next month (stay tuned, as I will have a project tutorial for you). As usual, I'm getting completely off track...more on all of that in the future - let's get back to the bitty blocks!

I made quick work of cutting all my blocks and stacked them in piles...then started chain piecing....

Following the super simple instructions for the January Bitty Block, I had a pile of 3" bow tie blocks made and pressed in no time - and they are SUPER CUTE!

I have a plan for these, but you will have to wait and see - join me here in a few days and I will share my finished bitty bow tie project with you! For now, why don't you try making a few Bitty Blocks yourself?...they are addicting! You can find all the details for the January Bitty Block here:
...and if you have additional questions, Quiltmaker has done an additional blog post that gives some color ideas and things to consider when starting this monthly project:
I hope you will try making some Bitty Blocks...and when you do, I hope you will share your photos and ideas with's always more fun to sew and quilt with a friend!


  1. First, congratulations to you on your new 'toy'! I know you will enjoy having fun with it. What a nice collection of bitty bow tie blocks, Belinda! I can't wait to see what you are going to create with them.


  2. Ok you got me. I have been wondering what to do with the scraps in my bucket under the cutting table I have been doing so many projects the bucket is full again and the box is nearly full too. So it is Time(my word for the year) to do something about before it gets out of control. My husband would say it is too late for that. LOL.

  3. I will just have to check this out! I have a lot of bits & pieces too - & can't just toss them out... could be fun!! Thanks Belinda

  4. Ahhhh you got the NEW electric one! Congrats! The cover plastic can be ever-so-slightly tilted on top of the die to vary where the cut marks end up. When it's been used a lot, that will help avoid uncut tiny hangers-on threads.

  5. What a great way to use up scraps. My box is overflowing too.