Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Smiles

I'm not sure where the last couple weeks disappeared to....seriously, has anyone seen them? Although my days seem to be a blur, my business is busy, which is a HUGE blessing! We've had snow...Thanksgiving...and I have been working on piles of projects (including: needlework finishing, custom sewing/quilting projects, cross stitch designs/models for JCS magazine, a design/model for a major quilting magazine, new designs and projects for AccuQuilt, new Blue Ribbon Designs cross stitch and quilting patterns, and Etsy pieces)...and if I can make time, I may be able to work on a few gifts before Christmas (although, doubtful - dear friends please be super patient with me - Christmas may pass me by before I come up for air!). As always, my list is long, but fortunately, I LOVE most of the tasks that need to be done...and if I didn't have my growing list, I would surely forget, I apologize if my blog has seemed neglected - please know, it is on my list daily too...

Here is a quick photo tour of my blurred days...including some things that are making me smile...

A look out our back window...

Miss Schatzi LOVES the snow - she will play in it for hours...
here she is watching over me while I shovel and snow blow...

Custom sewing...

A surprise gift from a very dear friend...

The Thanksgiving chef (Travis's mother)...she made an

Custom sewing/quilting for a customer...

Custom sewing/quilting for a customer...

Custom sewing/quilting for a customer...

Custom sewing/quilting for a customer...

Fabric inspiration - two of which are lovely gifts from friends...

My new favorite beverage cup from my "sister" in New Hampshire...
because it IS all about the squirrel...and who can't use "advice from
a squirrel"...this makes me SO happy!

So there you have it...a very quick weekend wrap-up. I'm having fun in my studio - keeping up with my dear friends and family - enjoying the winter weather...and I am even able to wear "real" shoes and walk daily again...I am happy and blessed!


  1. WOW - how do you do it? How do you manage to stay focused with all that you have going on? I'll bet the walking does help to clear you mind and retain your focus? Beautiful projects Belinda, I'm sure your customers must be very pleased!! Hugs!

  2. Smiling at your post today! Fabulous fabric projects and I had a chuckle about your squirrel glass! Glad your feet are healing and you can wear normal shoes again. Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Hello :) Big smiles here too :)
    So lovely to hear from you :)
    My word you have been busy!!
    Love love love everything you have been doing... you are so talented :)
    Snow!! Oh my!! We dont really get snow here in Southern England.. maybe a dusting.. your snow looks so lovely, wrap up warm :)
    Looking forward to seeing what your future projects are for JCS magazine... smiley happy as I subscribe digitally to this one!!
    Happy smiles to you :)

  4. Hi Belinda - I was wondering about you and figured you were probably very busy. Everything you do is so lovely - I'm happy to know that you are busy, happy and that your feet have recovered from the 3-Day.

    Are you walking Dallas again next year? I signed up to walk the 3-day in Michigan again next August (this will be my 10th 3-Day Walk - hard to believe!)

    Happy holidays to you!!

  5. Thank you for sharing such pretty pictures.

  6. As always you are so creative and amazing projects are always coming from you and your machine. Love all of your projects and absolutely love the squirrel cup/glass. xoxo. Don't forget to take time for you.

  7. Everything is so beautiful. Glad business is booming, for you. Don't work too hard.

  8. Hi Belinda - just checking in to say Hi and hope you are busy and doing well. It's a busy time of year,isn't it? Happy Holidays to you.