Sunday, September 28, 2014

Something Extra Special

Today I received a lovely, heartfelt message from Lisa Y. - she sent me a photo of her "Red Rosies and Pink Posies" framed finish that won her a first place ribbon at the Juniata County Fair in Pennsylvania - isn't it gorgeous?! - I absolutely LOVE it matted and framed. What makes this prize winning piece even more special - she stitched this BRD design while going through chemotherapy last year for breast cancer. Lisa has shared with me that she struggled to stitch when she was going through chemo, but her framed finish reminds her where she has been and gives her strength (GREAT NEWS - she is now doing good). I was so very touched that Lisa shared some of her story and a photo of her blue ribbon winning entry with me (and allowed me to share it with you!) - it truly makes my heart smile I hope this post will encourage and inspire you, as it did me! Lisa - you are just one of the MANY reasons I walk - you will be in my heart as I make the the 60-mile journey again this fall...

Most of you know I walk in Susan G. Komen 3-Day events and I designed this exclusive "pink" piece as a fundraiser in 2013 with ALL proceeds benefiting the Komen 3-Day. This November, I am walking the 3-days 60-miles in Dallas and I have created another exclusive design for fundraising - I hope you will consider making a donation to help me reach my goal - every little bit helps - and I have quite a bit of work to do to meet my hefty goal this year!

To see my fundraising page and read a little bit about my journey, visit:

To read about my fundraising design for 2014 ("Five Houses of Hope") and find out how you can obtain a copy of this exclusive design, visit:

Five Houses of Hope - 2014 Komen 3-Day Fundraising Design

If you are interested in my exclusive 2013 fundraising design, the same rules apply - follow the instructions for the 2014 design, just put "Red Rosies and Pink Posies" in the subject line of your e-mail. For more information on "Red Rosies and Pink Posies", visit:

Red Rosies and Pink Posies - 2013 Komen 3-Day Fundraising Design

Thanks to everyone who has been following me on my 3-Day journey of training and fundraising - your support, donations, and encouraging messages/comments mean the world to me!


  1. What a lovely inspirational story ... I always believe that stitching soothes the soul and in this case it certainly did ...and so please to hear that she is doing good :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  2. Wow! What an ispiring story!!! Thank you for continuing to design for this special cause!

  3. Such a touching story and beautiful stitched piece.

  4. Thank you for sharing Lisa's story and blue ribbon picture with us, Belinda! Lisa's story is truly inspiring.