Friday, September 26, 2014

September Samplings

Happy Pumpkin Day!
Cathey - thinking of you and missing you.
I'm not sure who hijacked my month - the last few weeks have just seemed to vanish.  I've been training daily for the Komen 3-Day, I've been creative on a daily basis, I've been working hard...and I've been feeling blessed. My early morning training walks with Schatzi are full of inspiration...and so is the data card on my smartphone...I take way too many photos! The photo to the right was actually taken on the walking trail...someone strategically placed several pumpkins and pots of mums on the path - it was quite fun to find them during one of my journeys. Although autumn is definitely arriving, I have been able to capture some lovely floral shots...and this morning I took some wonderful images when Miss Schatzi and I walked around the lake. I have been spending my days in the studio - designing multiple cross stitch and quilting pieces for magazine publications...I've been doing tons of needlework finishing...I've been working on a plethora of AccuQuilt projects (you can find my Halloween wall hanging quilt pattern on their website)...and I have just finished a sizable pile of new items that will soon be listed in my freshly updated Etsy shop! I also prepared hundreds of peaches for freezing this week, thanks to my in-laws - they have wonderful fruit trees and I am lucky to reap some of the rewards - the frozen peaches will be perfect for my fruit smoothies throughout the coming months. Here is a quick weekly wrap-up in photos:

So, while I haven't blogged much in the last couple weeks, I have been keeping active and enjoying my days! I'll be back soon with some creative ideas/posts for you...there has been A LOT going on in my design studio...


  1. Lovely pics! Preparing for a race must be quite intense! Where do you find the time to stitch as well!

  2. Such pretty pictures. I'm amazed at your energy ;0)

  3. Your Halloween quilt is cute. Such lovely photos. I miss our dear friend too.

  4. I am catching up and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing your pictures (especially the pumpkin tribute to Cathey) and reading about all you have been up to.