Thursday, June 12, 2014

Catching My Breath...

Yes, I am still alive and breathing...and yes, I am okay. I apologize for taking so long between posts, but it has been a little hectic here to say the least. Thank you to everyone who sent me a message to check on me - I know it has been longer than usual since my last just got in the way...but we'll catch-up quickly in this post, and then things should start to get back to normal.

Where to start...well, my husband was just out of town for a week plus on a fishing trip with his buddies in Canada, so that left me trying to balance the household, dogs, yard work, and my business, all on my own...I pretty much was on auto-pilot for the entire time he was gone - trying to cram everything I needed to do into each day. Here some photos taken on his trip to Gold Arrow Camp in Perrault Falls, Ontario, Canada...

Several of you have asked about my walking - yep, I have been walking/training daily. Schatzi and I walk/run 4-5 miles every morning, rain or shine...Simba gets two walks a day...and Schatzi gets a couple trips to the park during the day and usually a good walk in the yes, I manage to get in an average of eight plus miles a day. Schatzi is a good training partner...and I must mention she got her first title last night - she tested for her AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and passed with flying colors!

Schatzi getting her AKC paperwork after she passed her CGC test...

Next up - the updated Blue Ribbon Designs website...yes, I have it all built...and yes, my SSL Certificate is now in place...and yes, it will be live VERY soon. I am doing some last minute testing and I am hoping to have that done today. A little hint (and reason why it has taken so long) - the updated site has a shopping cart and you will be able to shop BRD charts and BRD Etsy items all in one place....but a little note: I still support needlework shops 100% - my shop will only sell  my charts and handmade items - you will still need to visit your favorite needlework retailer to buy your supplies....more on all of this in the very near future...and the delayed BRD newsletter will be sent as soon as the new website is up and running.

...and yes, I am still sewing and quilting...I just finished up four large projects for AccuQuilt (sorry can't share them just yet)...and I am in the midst of putting together a pile of stitching wallets (12) and stitch starter ruler sleeves (36)...

Let's finish up on a happy note! In March, I entered the National Craft Month giveaway on the Therm O Web blog (a favorite blog of mine - they always have creative ideas and tutorials!)...they were giving away an Oliso TG-1100 Iron. We all know I love my Oliso irons and I am on my second one...well, to my complete surprise I won the giveaway (with over 1,000 entries)! However, as of last week, I had not received my prize...and after two months, I had completely given up hope. Well, thanks to Thermo O Web and Oliso, my new iron arrived this week - and to add to my excitement, it was a TG1600, just like the one I already own and LOVE. I am so excited - I now have a wonderful iron at my cutting table ironing board and an iron at my sewing machine ironing board - so convenient - no more shuffling my one iron back and forth from room to room!

Well, that's all the news for now...I must get Simba to the groomer - he's due there in less than an hour...I will be stitching on my 2014 Komen design model while I wait for him to get a bath and haircut. I'll be back soon with details on my new updated website...


  1. Lovely to hear from you again :) Wow!! Those fish are huge! Well done schatzi that is wonderful getting the canine good citizen award. Your training sounds like it is going well... and with such good company too.. I bet Schatzi loves it.
    And WOW!! A great prize to win.. a new iron..a oliso one too!!
    Have a lovely day ...sending smiles your way :)

  2. Glad to see a post from you today

  3. thanks for the update Belinda, its good to know that you are doing fine, DH is fine and that Schatzi and Simba are all good. Looking forward to the new website. Have a great day! Hugs! Oh and congrat's on the iron, it looks awesome!!!

  4. Thanks for the update and pictures today! You have been missed. Congratulations to your husband's catches (did he bring them home or release them?). Congratulations to Schatzi on her latest achievement. I love the picture of her and Simba! Know you will enjoy and happily use your new iron.

    Thinking of you, Belinda!


    PS Looking forward to seeing your new and improved website.

  5. Sounds like you had an exhausting week. I know Lois is working hard on her walking as well. Can't wait to see your new breast cancer piece...I loved the one from last year.
    Nice fish from hubby (unlike my Dad, at least he caught some). And a big congrats to Schatzi for the completion of her latest achievement.
    Nice win for you as well. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.

  6. Wow, you have been busy - where are you hiding that time machine that adds hours to your day??? Congrats to you all - you on your new website and winning a new iron, hubby on his catch, and Schatzi for her CGC certificate! The camp your hubby was at must have been beautiful, being up in the middle of no where in /northern Ontario. Everything up there is so clean and fresh compared to the southern part of the province. Now, this iron... you say you really like it? I think I will be receiving one as part of the prize package from the Quilted in Honor Challenge, but I have never seen one, so just being curious :)

  7. I was raised in north eastern ontario...seeing the photos made me homesick. Glad he had a good time!