Saturday, February 15, 2014

Topsy Turvy

Remember these fun mugs that I am totally obsessed with??

Well, I heard from many of you asking where they came from and who makes them...and I had absolutely no information - one was a gift and one came from a local gift shop...neither had a tag or information, so I had very little insight to share...

...but last week, look what arrived from my very dear friend Terri for my birthday (yep, she knows me well!)....

...four more adorable mugs...a turtle, owl, butterfly, and pig...and guess what...they had tags! The are called Topsy Turvy Mugs and are made by Midwest-CBK...and if you do a Google search for "Topsy Turvy Mugs", there are TONS of them! Now I have a wish list - I just have to find a place that has them locally or order them online...the first one on my list is this springtime rabbit - yep, I have to have her...hopefully I will be able to track one down (I'll keep you updated)...

I know they are goofy...even my own mother thinks I am completely crazy...but for some reason they make me, isn't it always fun to have something to collect and look for???...hmmmm...I wonder if there is a squirrel....


  1. They make me grin and giggle! Good luck in your quest for the rabbit!


  2. Those are adorable! They made me smile!

  3. They are cute. They definately make you smile. The bunny is so cute.

  4. They are so cute ! I might become obsessed with these too LOL I love the bluebird one I have seen recently somewhere. I have not ever seen a squirrel but saw a hedgehog. LOL They are too cute !