Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Samplings...

Congratulations to Pat M. - she is the recipient of my latest giveaway - I have already e-mailed Pat with the details. Thank you to everyone who entered the "Extra Special Giveaway" - thank you to the Rafflecopter widget for organizing the entries and randomly choosing a winner - and a very special thank you to Rina for providing the inspiration and zippered project bag for the prize! If you didn't win this time, please don't be discouraged - there will be more giveaway opportunities in the future...

Today, I will be in my sewing studio working on several commissioned quilting projects - it is the perfect day to spend sewing and quilting...and who knows, I may just get in some model stitching this evening! My fingers will be keeping busy...

...and before I forget...for those of you who have been asking about Simba and Schatzi - they are getting along better each day...and yes, Schatzi is growing like a weed - she isn't even a year old yet and is already around the 80-pound mark! Here they are, side by side, waiting for dad to finish making their Kong treats...

Schatzi LOVES the snow and she is (our "baby" girl), playing outside during a recent snow storm...and yes, she is starting to grow into those ears!

...Simba, on the other hand, rather be curled up inside on my quilt...and I can't blame him...

Enjoy your day...and I will be back with more creative inspiration soon!


  1. Great pictures of Simba and Schatzi! Glad they are getting along better! Congratulations to Pat on winning the giveaway.

    Enjoy your time in your sewing studio, Belinda!


  2. Belinda,

    Congratulations to Pat M...Let us know which patterns you choose.

    Schatzi and Simba are so cute!

    Enjoy your Sewing and Quilting day!

  3. Happy Stitching Pat M :)

    Oh loving the photo's of your dogs in the snow, reminds me of my childhood dogs, miniature Dachshunds called Max and Shatzi :)

    Happy Sunday :)

  4. Congrats to Pat M!
    Oh, how Schatzi has grown!
    Simba looks so cute sitting up waiting for treats. :)

  5. Congrats to Pat M.!
    Thanks for sharing the cute photos of your dogs in the snow. Happy Stitching, Carolyn