Monday, August 5, 2013

Something Sweet & Simple

I like to bake from scratch...I thoroughly enjoy my time in the kitchen, especially when I am baking. Funny things is, I am not much on eating baked goods, just making them....which works out well for my husband, friends, and local nursing home residents. Although I rarely use a mix, I couldn't help but pick-up a couple of the summertime flavor cake mixes from Pillsbury...seriously...who can resist flavors like Orangesicle, Pink Lemonade, and Key Lime?? If anything, I figured I would have a couple on hand when I needed a quick pick-me-up or sugar fix. Well, tonight was that night...after the stresses of the day and mowing the lawn, I needed a little something sweet and some I grabbed the Orangesicle Cake Mix and coordinating Creamy Supreme Frosting...

Yep, the one for me has sugar crystal sprinkles...because I am a girlie girl and I love sprinkles! I must admit, event though I used a cake mix, these are pretty scrumptious...I may have to get a few more for the was the perfect pick-me-up and easy peasy!


  1. Well, they certainly look beautiful! You could have another career as a food stylist. I keep hearing that cake mixes aren't as good as they used to be, but I guess we couldn't prove it by you. The ultimate comfort food!

  2. What a tasty looking pick me up! Know you enjoyed it along with the sprinkles!


  3. Looks very scrumptious. Cupcakes so much better thank cakes.

  4. I have these in the pantry and I am glad that they are tasty. I see some baking in my future.