Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Day in the Shade

My husband has some time off work this week, so we made plans to go to our local Blank Park Zoo. We are blessed to have a lovely zoo only minutes away...and since we have a membership, we try to make it there several times a year. Too bad today we are in the middle of a terrible heatwave...we left bright and early and were there first thing in the morning, but the heat was brutal. A lot of the outdoor exhibits were quiet today, and many of the animals were trying to stay in the shade, as it is over 100 degrees, yet again. I did manage to take quite a few photographs (as I always do) is just a small sampling of some of my favorites...

Chilean Flamingos

River Otter

Baby Wallaby

Baby Wallaby

One-legged Cattle Egret

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Inquisitive Giraffe

So now that I am back home, I am a busy little embroidery machine is humming along (working on some new Halloween freestanding lace ornaments for my Etsy shop - so cute!)...the top of my desk is almost visible....and the new BRD Halloween designs have shipped to needlework shops. I have a pile of sewing projects cut and ready for assembly and I just finished kitting fabric and threads for a new needlework model...yep, I have plenty to keep me busy and inside (with air conditioning)!


  1. Oh, you have one of my Aussie "mates" in your zoo - the baby wallaby. Love the Chilean flamingos.

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
    The baby Wallaby is so cute. :)

  3. Super pictures, Belinda! Looking forward to seeing your new Etsy creations!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Lovely pictures. We go to the Blank Park Zoo with our grandson frequently.