Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post...I have had multiple tidbits of interest to share, but time has definitely been at a minimum. I am getting ready to leave for California tomorrow to teach a workshop at Elegant Stitch and visit with friends and fellow needleworkers...which means preparation and kitting, printing, packing, and all the fun things that come with teaching a class. I have also been walking mileage daily to prepare for the Komen 3-Day (60 mile) walk  taking place in November - who knew walking would be so time consuming - training is taking a couple hours each day...luckily we have had good weather and most of my walks have been outside for the last couple weeks - I would really appreciate any donations, so I can reach my fundraising goal ( amount is too small - every little bit helps! I have also been spring cleaning and preparing our home for a possible new arrival in the next few weeks - we may be getting a new puppy (more details to follow in a future post). On the needlework front, I am putting the finishing touches on the class design for the New England Stitcher's Retreat - I was really hoping to have it complete by now, but I had a couple setbacks - the stitching is complete and I will be doing the finishing upon my return from I will be able to share it with you very soon!

Keeping this short (so I can finish my packing and spend some time with my husband before my trip), I thought I would share a few photos with you of things that are currently making me happy (on a VERY rainy, stormy, windy, gloomy day)....
First of all, isn't my new bumble bee mug the cutest thing you have ever seen??! I originally saw it a couple months ago while shopping with friends, admired it, but did not buy it - then, last week, I had lunch with the same two dear friends and when we saw it again, it *had to* come home with me...I would love to have more of these mugs - they have some really cute ones (a frog and a hedgehog both come to mind)...the bumble bee brings me so much joy! Also making me happy - zippers, zippers, and more zippers - I am addicted to projects with zippers. The fabric shown is from a favorite sunshiny collection - "California Girl" by JoAnna Figueroa, Fig Tree & Co. for Moda...and the book is my current project favorite - "A Quilting Life" by Sherri McConnell.

So there you have it - several fun things that are currently bringing sunshine to my life...

On a final note, I would like to thank everyone who has voted for my quilt blocks in the 4th Annual AccuQuilt Barn Quilt Design Contest...what a thrill it is to have two blocks in the "Top 100" again this fingers are crossed for another win!


  1. Enjoyed your new post and that Bee mug is too cute! Have a good trip to California! Thanks for sharing your latest quilting book with us!