Thursday, April 25, 2013

A New Family Addition...

I have returned from my whirlwind teaching trip to California...and I was blessed to stay a few extra days for some rest and relaxation with a very dear friend (which I desperately needed). I have tons of photos and stories to share with you...however, during our few days off, we both managed to get some sort of cold/flu crud and I am completely today's blog post is going to be a bit short and I will return when I am feeling better with a post or two all about my travels.

Recently, I shared with you that we might be having a new arrival in our home...well, it's official - on Saturday, May 11th, a German Shepherd puppy will be joining our family! My husband made a trip up to our breeder in Hugo, MN last weekend while I was away and got a few photos of our little girl. The breeder thought the pink ribbon girl would fit best into our family...and sure enough, when he let all nine of the puppies (five girls and four boys) out, the one with the pink ribbon ran right up to Travis and said hello. Here are some of the photos...including one of all nine of the girls (she is on the left)...

Truth be told, I really did not want another dog in the house - Simba is definitely enough responsibility for me...but this is my husband's dream dog (he grew up with a German Shepherd) and he has been begging to get one for fifteen years...many of you know I tend to be a bit of a control freak and have to have everything a "certain way"...but I have decided life is short and it is time be a little more here we first attempt...we'll see how I do after a few weeks with a puppy in the house...I'm sure I'll have more to share in a couple weeks when she is old enough to join our home...


  1. she is adorable! I commend you Belinda. :)
    Taking in a puppy is a big job!!!
    I honestly have been looking for a second dog myself...I found one I fell in love with today, but we need to wait until after our son is back from A-stan...don't want to have to have a dog sitter for 2 dogs!!
    Get some rest & get better QUICK!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cutie she is! May 11th will be here before you know it! Sorry to hear you are suffering from a cold/flu crud! Wishing you a speedy return to good health!

    And welcome home!


  3. Congrats Belinda!! She is adorable! Miss you! Take care of yourself!! Big Hugs!

  4. Oh she is such a cutie! Congratulations!!

  5. great dog! we have two St. Bernards dogs, a Persian cat and a hamster:-) Take care!!!
    greatting from Poland!

  6. Oh my goodness! What a cutie. Best of luck! I've wanted to get another dog but Duffy thinks he's the adored baby of the family (and he is) and I just couldn't do it to him. I hope Simba adjusts well! My neighbor had a German Shepherd (they call them Alsatians here) and loved him so much, he was a great dog.

  7. Oh, she is sooooooooooooo cute!
    What will you name her?

  8. What a darling puppy! You are going to have some kind of fun! i hope you're feeling better, soon!

  9. Aaawwww! She is adorable!!!! Congrats! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  10. She is adorable. Can't wait to hear all about her.

  11. Wonderful! Oh my, I'm in love with your new baby girl! :) I hope you have a lot of fun with her.. that's always been my dream dog as well, but with the two hooligans in the house...

    I'm excited to find out what you name her!