Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's All About The Squirrel

Squirrels in my "Schoolgirl Samplings" design...
Today's post is all about the squirrel - this might sound funny, but I do have a reason for this statement...and I might just make you giggle while I make my point...

Squirrels have been mentioned several times on my blog...mostly when I am traveling and manage to get a photo or two....they are also found in my design work - in fact, there are multiple Blue Ribbon Designs that contain a squirrel or two...and squirrels have been part of multiple classroom conversations during my recent teaching events. In fact, on my last journey, during the New England Stitcher's Retreat, a squirrel pewter pincushion was the gift everyone wanted during the "Yankee Swap" game - that cute little squirrel was stolen quite a few times during the game (can you believe it - someone actually stole it from me! - boo hoo) and was the definitely the most desired gift...we had a lot of fun giggling about that special squirrel. On that trip, while visiting King Arthur Flour (before the Yankee Swap game), I even purchased an adorable little squirrel cookie cutter.

Since September, when I  traveled to Buffalo, New York, squirrels have come up multiple times in conversation...especially after I posted a photo of a black squirrel I took at Niagara Falls State Park. It always interests me to see the color of the squirrels at each of my teaching destinations - here in Iowa, our squirrels are mostly fox squirrels...but as I have traveled, I have seen grey squirrels, black squirrels, and red always seems to become a topic of day I hope to see a flying squirrel (a girl can dream!).

A black squirrel I photographed a Niagara Falls State Park...
A squirrel I photographed at Camp Bethel in Haddam, CT (staying at Sue's Cottage
before teaching at Stitcher's Hideaway)
An Iowa Fox Squirrel
So, I guess I should (finally) get to my point - on Friday, a surprise package arrived in my was the cutest T-shirt...of course it has a squirrel on it and the words "The Squirrel Whisperer" - I started giggling immediately - what a delightful gift! It was actually a random act of kindness (RAK), as there was not a card or note enclosed (it came from the manufacturer) information, whatsoever (I am not sure if this was intentional or not). Those of you who know me well, know I send personal hand-written thank you notes...and without the information of the sender, that is pretty much here I am publicly thanking the wonderful individual who brightened my day and sent me such a fun gift (I hope the sender is reading this)! You made me smile and I am truly thankful for your thoughtfulness and kind gesture - please know you made me so very happy, I adore my new t-shirt, and I appreciate you!


  1. aww cute..i love squirrel so much xx

  2. You bet it is all about squirrel! Love it Belinda but wished I got the squirrel! LOL Miss you!

  3. This is awesome. I love squirrels as well as owls. I also love the RAK-they make the recipient as well as the giver smile. Well deserved Belinda. I can't wait to see you Friday.

  4. We have a Albino Squirrel in our neighborhood and I love taking pics of it. I've never seen a black Squirrel in person....great photograph.


  5. Great story, super pictures, and love the squirrel tee! And that squirrel pin cushion, just wow! I am sorry someone 'stole' it from your possession!


  6. awwww sqibbles .... I had one run across my path in the woods yesterday ... gorgeous rak you got and hope who ever sent it does read your thank you :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  7. I would've totally stolen that squirrel pincushion, too! I adore squirrels and put food out for them every day. We love on the lake in NW Iowa and have many walnut trees around our house -- and the squirrels practically live in the trees. We used to have black squirrels here but haven't seen one in about two years. Love the t-shirt!

  8. Great Rak and squirrel pics!
    LOVE the T-shirt!