Thursday, September 13, 2012

Traveling, Teaching, and Time Away

"A Sampling In The Square"
Class Project Needlework Smalls:
Pinkeep, Scissor Fob, Needlebook
Tomorrow morning (Friday) I leave for another one of my teaching trips...this time I am headed to visit with the Buffalo Chapter EGA in Lockport, NY....those of you who have taken one of my classes know teaching needlework projects is one of my favorite things! I am super excited for trip, with the exception of my extremely early flight time...but the good news is, since my flight is scheduled for departure before the sun comes up, I will arrive in New York with a little time to see the area before my class starts on Saturday morning.

The project I am teaching is "A Sampling In The Square"...and I have had multiple questions about this piece. Event coordinators have the choice of having me design a special project for their event...OR have me teach a design that is currently in my catalog...many times this depends on time restraints. This design happens to already be in my catalog and you can find it at (or order it from) your favorite needlework shop. Of course, class participants are privy to special class binders with detailed colored photos and charts, very detailed finishing tutorials, additional stitches, complete kits, and usually I change up one or more of the pieces to be exclusive to the event - this time I changed the needlebook from the original chartpack. I am thrilled to be teaching this particular design and I am definitely looking forward to meeting the members of the Buffalo Chapter should be a fabulous weekend!

"A Sampling In The Square" Sampler (BRD-086)
While I am out of my office/studio, I will have limited access to correspondence, so please be patient if you send me a message that requires a response....and my Etsy shop will be on vacation until my return. I will be back in my studio on Tuesday, September 18 and business will resume at that time. Thank you for your patience.

I will be back to blog next week, when (I'm sure) I will have TONS of fun things to share with you! Have a wonderful weekend....


  1. Enjoy your trip..
    Those projects are so lovely xxx

  2. Have a fabulous trip to NY and a wonderful workshop, Belinda! They are definitely in for a treat with you being there! Enjoy yourself!