Saturday, September 8, 2012

Six Bats and a Black Cat

Isn't it interesting how Halloween has become such a celebrated holiday? I have vivid memories from my childhood of dressing up in homemade costumes and going door to door for treats (note to self: I should post some childhood photos on Halloween day)...we lived in a small town and each year we tried to stop at every house that participated in "trick-or-treat" night - I remember we would collect HUGE bags of treats! Back in the day, there were always a few houses with spooky decorations and scary sounds/music to set the mood - but now, it seems Halloween decorating has become almost as popular as Christmas decorating. I know there are still some needleworkers out there that "don't do" Halloween...and years ago, I didn't either - but I have found over time, I really enjoy working on Halloween fact, they are some of my best sellers! I have designed quite a collection over the years...I even have enough Halloween ornaments to display a small all-stitched ornament tree....and of course I have "Behind the Gate" (BRD-072) my Halloween advent calendar. It is definitely time for me to put away the summery designs and put up my Halloween pieces, something I enjoy doing each September.

This year I was asked by Just CrossStitch magazine to design a framed Halloween piece for their special 2012 Halloween Collector's Issue. I have designed several Halloween ornaments for their publications over the years, but this time I was asked to work on a larger piece. It is titled "Six Bats and a Black Cat"...and it is featured on the cover! I received my model back from the magazine this week, along with a copy of the magazine - and I have to say I am quite impressed with the variety and creativity of the designs in this special publication....if you have "been on the fence" whether or not to add it to your collection, think no more, it is definitely worth the price. Where else can you get 48 designs for $ an average of $0.21 per design, it is a STEAL! If you enjoy the Halloween holiday, this issue will keep you inspired with all sorts of spooky stitching and finishing...and plenty of projects to keep you busy for years to come. The 2012 JCS Halloween Collector's issue is on sale now (find it at your favorite needlework shop or newsstand) and my design (show below) can be found starting on page 53...

Blue Ribbon Designs: "Six Bats and a Black Cat"
Photo Credit to Just CrossStitch Magazine (Hoffman Media)


  1. I thought I recognized the name in the magazine. Congrats Belinda. it looks lovely!

  2. I like the needlework design. I'm still busy with another Halloween one which should have been ready long ago but I will finish it this month.
    Too bad they don't sell this magazine over here.

  3. I love Halloween too..congratulations to Belinda xxx

  4. It's a great design Belinda.

  5. Way to go, Belinda! Glad the original model has been returned to you! Have a super upcoming week!


  6. Thsi sampler was one of the reasons I bought my first JCS Halloween special issue-its wonderful!