Thursday, August 23, 2012

Busy Little Worker Bee

Hello blog friends! I have been a busy little worker bee lately...working on upcoming class/teaching preparations and kits...model stitching several magazine/book designs...designing/kitting some new cross stitch pieces...and sewing/quilting items for my Etsy shop. I have also been working on a release schedule for my new cross stitch designs - I have been holding off on releasing new charts while the economy has been a bit slow, but have a pile of pieces ready for printing production - right now my plans are to release a couple new designs in November and then a couple every other month or so, making my releases a bit more "scheduled"...look for more details in the next month or two. 

Today, I finally had a chance to list a pile of new items in  my Etsy shop...several more project bags, more stitch starter ruler sets, and FINALLY an assortment of needlebook scissor cases. These are all in the Sew It Book Collection by the Vintage Workshop, Amy Barrickman for RedRooster Fabrics....I made several project bags in this fabric line last week and they flew out of the shop. I received quite a few requests for more pieces in this fabric collection, so I did my best to comply....unfortunately, my understanding is that this collection is discontinued (I have had it in my stash for quite some time) - I still have some odds and ends and was able to secure a bit more...but pieces will be limited. 

I changed up my needlebook scissor case a pattern a bit by adding interfacing to the pockets and cover...and used fusible fleece for padding (instead of batting), which makes them more durable and quite sturdy - I am happy to get another one of my patterns perfected. I also enjoyed going through my vintage button stash to find coordinating buttons.

More sampler fabric project bags will be coming soon (thank you for the enthusiastic response!) well as more needlebook scissor cases (and yes, some will be in the Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric line by Blackbird designs)...I have a pile cut and ready to be constructed. Just be patient with me - I have quite a few deadline at the moment and I am dong my best to balance everything...

After finishing up a few details at my desk, I plan to get some fresh air and take Simba to the park...then I will be headed to my stitching nest to work on a cross stitch magazine model...I have lots of stitching to do...enjoy what is left of your Thursday!


  1. What fun pieces you have created! I know you are thrilled with your pile of needlebook cases! Bet they fly out of the shop quickly!


  2. Wow! You are crazy busy! Looking at your work, I'm thinking - Where did she find that wonderful fabric only to read your answer. Your new pieces are wonderful. I will have to wait till this winter and buy some more gorgeous pieces.

  3. My my, you were busy yesterday. All your items look wonderful.