Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet Surprises

A little over a week ago, I received the sweetest surprise in the mail from my dear friend Lorrie - a "just because I love you" was unexpected and amazing and totally turned my week around. In the package was a a wrapped (yes, wrapped...and we all know how much I love tiny wrapped packages!) present...and inside - a beautiful thread puller with counting pins and a handmade needlecase!

She had the tread puller (aka Thread Catcher) and counting pins made especially  for me (so very thoughtful!) by BeadinHandy on Etsy, using my "blue ribbon blue" color and silver owl beads (shown right - difficult to photograph - click on the image too see it in more detail) - I absolutely ADORE these - they are made beautifully and fit me to a tee - they are perfect...and I see in this particular Etsy shop, there is the cutest set with "rich purple birds" - hmmm, I may need to make a purchase myself. What a special set of treasures!

The beautiful needlecase  was made from of one of my favorite fabric lines (Williamsburg R Presents The Sampler Collection by Windham Fabrics) by Lorrie herself...and it is LOVELY (shown bottom photo - left). I, personally, have made tens of these needlecases, but have given them all away and not kept one for I was absolutely THRILLED to have one made for that I can treasure and use - oh what a perfect surprise!

....and, as if that wasn't enough, today I received yet ANOTHER small package in the mail from Lorrie...and low and behold, it was a drawstring bag to match my the same fabulous fabric. Again, I have made many of these, only to give all of them away - so to have one all for myself is such a treat! I can't wait to use this special pouch to carry a project on the go with me...and of course, I will have my new matching needlecase filled with needles/pins, scissors, and my little ruler, as well!

Lorrie - thank you so much for lifting my spirits - your kindness and thoughtfulness has touched me deeply. What a wonderful way to start my week....


  1. What fabulous goodies you received from Lorrie! Enjoy your surprises, Belinda!


  2. Awesome goodies. Enjoy, you totally deserve gifts as you always give so much. Hugs Mary A?

  3. ooooo love your new pins and catcher and love your "new gifts just for you" from Lorrie ... sometimes it makes all the difference :)and can make a good day be soo much better :) enjoy your goodies :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. I, too, have received some of Lorrie's handiwork. I just love opening packages from her!