Friday, July 22, 2011

Unburied Treasure

Over the years, I have stitched baskets and baskets full of needlework smalls - I truly love the assembly/finishing work. In fact, in my studio, I have two very large Longaberger Blanket Baskets overflowing with needlework smalls and ornaments (many of which are my own designs) - I try to circulate them throughout our home, especially the seasonal pieces...but the truth is, there are so many, I don't always get each piece on display. Recently, I was digging through the baskets to find some summery pieces to put in my display cabinet - and I found this huswif and set of needlework accessories I stitched back in the fall of 2008...and believe it or not, I had completely forgotten about them. This was an EGA Group Correspondence Course (that I actually led for the local Chapter) called "Handy Huswif" and was designed by Cathy Trostmann. What a treat it was to find this little cotton bag in one of my baskets - it was still in the plastic bag and all the piece were still tagged from when I sent it in for evaluation. It made me smile to see how much my binding technique and sewing skills have improved over the last several years. It was almost like getting a present, as I unwrapped each piece...the huswif, needlebook, scissor fob and pin disk - plus I had made the optional sewing case to keep them clean and safe. It is amazing I could spend so much time on a single project and then completely forget it existed. Now that I have unburied this treasure, I will definitely put it to good use and keep it out for a while...


  1. Beautiful pieces! Can't believe you forgot all about them after all that hard work, but so glad you rediscovered them!

  2. What a treasure you unearthed from your basket! They are fabulous!


  3. What fabulous treasure to find.