Friday, September 10, 2021

FlossTube Episode Eight: Halloween Designs

Happy Friday friends! My latest FlossTube video has been posted. This video is a summer wrap-up, a general update and puts a spotlight on my latest Halloween cross stitch designs (plus I show/talk about a few of my vintage Halloween designs). Thank you to those who have subscribed to my channel and to those who have liked and commented on my videos - I appreciate the kind words! 

You can find my YouTube Channel here: and I will post the latest video below:

I am busy organizing my photos this afternoon (I have almost 13,000 photos and videos on my iPhone - true story!)…I am setting aside some of my favorite images to share with you in future posts - both needlework finishing and sewing/quilting. My to-do list has seventeen items on it that need completed in the next week, so I'm hoping for a few productive days before we have some travel plans (a wedding in Chicago). 

We had a relaxing Labor Day out on the water - we packed up lunch and took the boat out to Hillsdale Lake for a long afternoon. It was a postcard day and being out on the boat forced me to take a little time away and just breathe (which I desperately needed). My husband did some fishing, but I just sat back and enjoyed the quiet outdoors.

©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

©Copyright 2021 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

I have some paperwork and some cross stitch design work on my agenda this afternoon...and I have some needlework finishing to start for a client....hopefully I can cross a couple items off my list! Tomorrow, we are headed to a MWK Jeep Club event and a Sporting KC (MLS) soccer game with friends - I'm looking forward to a fun weekend...


  1. Beautiful photos from your day on the boat! I am glad you took some time for yourself, dear friend. You deserve it. Will check out the video later!

  2. I do not get the magazine or the ornament issue any longer, I have had enough of their bad business practices, I agree with what you said they should be paid for the patterns all designers submit.
    Everyone needs to stand together on this issue.
    I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas ornaments designs.
    Looking forward to your next video.