Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Studio Time and Stircrazyitis

Happy Tuesday friends - I am so thrilled you stopped by for a visit! The house is quiet at the moment, so I thought I would spend a little time writing a quick update...

First, of all - thanks to my brilliant web host, my website is back up and running properly...and even has a few new bells and whistles from the recent update that caused the issue. The home page (https://blueribbondesigns.com) now has a search bar in the upper right-hand corner...and the shop category menu on the left-hand side (desktop version) now has fly-out category menus to help you quickly find items. Thank you for your patience while we got things straightened out...and a little extra appreciation for those who have placed orders and supported my small business during this challenging time - I am truly grateful for your patronage.

I have also been keeping things running smoothly in the studio, completing another huge pile of custom orders this past week. My list is starting to feel more manageable, which is a great feeling! I finished quite a few project bags, some lovely needlework finishing (not my stitching or designs, just my finishing), and a ton of the Brenda Gervais (WTNT) fabric panel project bags (thank goodness I have them all completed at the moment - they are a TON of work, so I need to look at my pricing going forward - I definitely need a little break from these, so I am happy Brenda's shop is currently sold out). I also managed to get more face masks complete and will be working on more today (HUGE thanks to the supply fairy who shipped me twill tape for ties and interfacing!). Plus, I finished up a few gifts - some have been delivered and one is still in transit. Here just a few photos...

Hands On Design - Pomegranate Pocket & Pincushion

Customer Request - a Sampler Mat
This is the sampler rolled up...

Needlework Press - Jean Morgan 1834
Customer Request - a Sampler Mat

This is the sampler unrolled...

Special gifts - two cosmetic bags...both lined with cotton fabric and clear vinyl...

While the Core 4 counties in Kansas City are still on shelter-at-home orders (this includes our county in Kansas), I am doing my best to get outside each and every day - fresh air seems to be the best medicine for "stircrazyitis" (yep, that's what I am calling it). The kids (Schatzi and Garin) have been getting some quality backyard time...and our nosy neighbors (the cows) are back to keep them entertained. Our small neighborhood has a pond with a walking path, so walks around the pond are happening...and Travis and I have been taking evening drives around the pond (in our golf cart) at sunset. Right now, it is the little things that are keeping me sane...

That's about all the news for today. I have been doing some major cleaning and organizing this week - I seem to be in spring cleaning mode. I have a couple project bags to finish up, a pile of face masks, and more cleaning to accomplish....so after a bite to eat, my afternoon is booked. Then, I will on to the next needlework finishing order...

I hope you are well and finding ways to keep happy, healthy, and sane!


  1. Very pretty project bags.
    Everything is pretty much closed here yet also.
    I am keeping busy stitching though.
    The dogs are beautiful.

  2. What beautiful bags you have created along with the needlework finishing! Well done, my friend! I enjoyed seeing your nosy neighbors. Glad you are able to get out into the fresh air! Thinking of you! xoxoxox

  3. Belinda: It is good all your problems are solved for your Blog site, it seems many are having problems.
    Stircrazyitis is a perfect word.
    Schatzi and Garen are beautiful animals.
    It feels good to be outdoors and taking walks.
    Stay Healthy