Thursday, February 27, 2020

Beyond Blessed

A couple weeks ago (right before our vacation), I celebrated a birthday...and while I am still adjusting to life in Kansas and feeling a bit out of the loop, my close friends and family certainly made my day extra special - they made what was an ordinary day (a doctor's appointment, a trip to the pharmacy for a vaccine, a WiFi outage at home, and my husband working long hours) a joyous occasion. I received the sweetest messages, notes and cards...and several packages from my loved ones. Although "my people" are all far away in distance, I felt loved and special. I wanted to share a few of the gifts I received - especially the creative friends and family showered me with the perfect gifts and cards...they spanned my loves of cross stitch, sewing, quilting and gardening...and they were all wrapped beautifully (in fact, some were almost too pretty to open)!

One of my friends wrapped my gift in owl fabric
and tied it with vintage sewing tape...
How cute is that?!

Inside the owl package was a gorgeous hand crocheted
market bag and a kitchen I am SUPER excited for
farmer's market season!

Another dear friend sent the most amazing pile of
pretty wrapped packages...

Including all this gorgeous fabric!
A fat quarter stack - Home by Kathy Schmitz for Moda...
and three colorways of adorable squirrel fabric:
Bramble by Gingiber for Moda

Plus, three wonderful needle minders!

...AND this gorgeous cross stitch piece...seriously - it is incredible!
It is on display in my studio where it brings me joy daily!!
Design: Oktober Feast by Brenda Gervais

Another special friend - send my gifts in this fun project bag...
that included fun sewing bandages (plus a plethora of presents not shown)...

...and this fabulous camp mug!! Isn't it perfect?! I have received a TON
of questions on this - it is from Stitched Modern...

My momma sent me two gardening books from my Amazon wish list...
they are two of her favorites that she had recommended to me - she
is a prolific gardener with a remarkable green thumb! She also sent me a
VERY generous gift certificate to our favorite online plant nursery:
Bluestone Perennials

...and Travis's parents sent me a lovely botanical box with a special
bath and body gift set inside...which will definitely be put to good
use after my stressful days!
Yes, I am blessed with an extremely thoughtful circle...and while they aren't located in Kansas, they are all close in my heart.

For now, I am headed to my studio - I will spend my afternoon working on needlework finishing - the piles are growing - five packages arrived yesterday and three more clients are keeping me busy and I couldn't be more grateful...what a joy to be creative every single day!

Side bar - I spoke a little too soon yesterday - I am still feeling the effects of the stomach flu and not at my best today (last night was rough!)...the nausea continues...I truly appreciate all the well wishes...💓


  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Happy belated birthday. So many sweet gifts. I am sure you felt all the love. Judi in Tulsa

  2. Happy Birthday belated , and I really hope you are feeling better today .
    Beautiful gifts from family and friends yes you are loved .
    Enjoy your Friday and weekend.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    What special gifts you received, I love all the Squirrel items!

  4. Thinking of you and praying you kick the stomach bug to the curb! You received many lovely gifts for your special day, my friend! I know that you will enjoy each and every one of them. Love you!