Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sew Happy

As we get closer to the actual move, I am starting to get a little more excited - truth be told, this born and raised Iowa girl really didn't want to move...but all of the waiting, unknown, complications and stress have taken a toll and now I just want to get moved and settled into our new home. Things have finally started to fall into place and we will finalizing even more details this coming weekend (window treatments and appliances). Some great news we received a couple days ago - our sod is in place - YAY! - which means we can have the fence installed as soon as we close on the house. Also exciting - thanks to a stitching friend - we have found what looks to be a fantastic kennel to board our dogs...and it is close to our new house. The next stress is finding a new hair stylist - yeah, I'm somewhat nervous about that...I can handle a completely new area and leaving my home in Iowa, but I can't handle bad hair....and with the stress of the last few months, the gray is coming in a bit faster.😄 It all started to feel real last week when I ordered "we're moving" postcards and a self-inking stamp with our new address. April 12th will be here soon!!

Oh, and one more quick thing before I get to the needlework pretties...
I am fairly new to Norwex cleaning products - in fact, I just tried them a few months ago for the first time (and although I was skeptical, I was quite impressed). I was looking for cleaning products that were environmentally (and dog) friendly and Norwex checked all my boxes. With the new home on the horizon, I have quite a wish list...I happened to mention this to a dear friend and she suggested I have an online party - I am not a big fan of this and hate to solicit family and friends, but I was assured it would help me grow my extremely small collection. So, if you happen to need any Norwex products - I would be thrilled if you placed an order...or if you would like to learn more about them - I am happy to help!!
To place an order for my online party and/or view a catalog, visit:
(when you review your cart, it should show my name and details (Belinda's Starting Fresh & Green in KC - Host: Belinda Nace)
Okay - that is all on that subject - and I appreciate you listening and possibly placing an order.💓 Now on to the creativity portion of this post...

I can't wait to get settled into a new studio...but for now, here are some needlework gifts and needlework finishing photos I haven't had a chance to share with you yet. The lovely sewing bird in the upper right corner ("Sew Happy" by All Through The Night) was a birthday gift from my very dear friend Robin - I can't wait to hang it in my new studio - isn't it FABULOUS?! Next up a couple finishing photos - that were done for a customer...

Flat finishes for placing in a basket...
Designer information unknown.

Flat finishes for placing in a basket...

Flat finish ornaments - "Blue and Silver Christmas" by Misty Hill Studio

Flat finish ornaments - "Blue and Silver Christmas" by Misty Hill Studio

The next few photos are small pieces I have stitched while my studio has been packed for the move...the first is a Christmas ornament I stitched and finished as a holiday gift for a friend. The other two are personal stitches that I will finish after we are settled...

"Christmas Biscornu" by Just Nan

"Christmas Biscornu" by Just Nan

"Noel Squared" by Lizzie Kate

"Red Santa" - Birds of a Feather

These last photos are all exquisite gifts I recently received (yes, I am blessed!). I am so *in love* with these little cross stitch sled ornaments (designed by Foxwood Crossings) - my incredible friend Robin has made me one each year since 2014 and she signs/dates the back...2014 was the squirrel, 2015 was the quilt, 2016 was the monogram, 2017 was the red bird with green background...and for 2018, she stitched the cardinal with the blue background...aren’t they AMAZING?!

...and since we all know how much I love squirrels, check out these spectacular cross stitch ornaments and fabrics, along with a needle minder and keeping bag (pen and ink pieces by one of my favorite artists Michelle Palmer!)...all of these gifts made my heart swoon!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me today! I am looking forward to getting back to work and sharing fun new ideas with you. For now, I am off to do a little cross stitching - a very thoughtful friend sent me a surprise kit in the mail and I am itching to start it...


  1. Glad you have the sewing/stitching bug back!
    Love those Squirrels!
    Won't be long now, and you will be in your new home.
    It will be so nice to have your studio set up again, I'm sure.
    Take care.

  2. Belinda, so happy to hear things on moving front are coming together especially for the fur babies! I was so happy to read you have discovered Norwex! I have been a consultant for years ...you will love the clean of Norwex welcome!! What a fabulous way to start in the new house...looking forward to seeing work from you once again...take care!

  3. Always a delight to see a new post from you, my friend! Moving is stressful and I am glad that you are finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. It won't be much longer before you are settling into your new home. I know that you will be thrilled and much happier once you have your studio set up and functioning. Thinking of you!

  4. Belinda: What a lovely post, so many things to see.
    I will go to the site and purchase later this evening.
    I am still getting caught up with my blog reading.