Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Schatzi, Sunshine, and Sewing

It is a LOVELY, sunny afternoon (at least it was when I started this post - it is now after 9:00 PM - where did the day go??)...and today, we are celebrating Miss Schatzi's 5th birthday (which doesn't even seem possible). I have had a pelthora of work demands today, so it was nice to get out in the fresh air and take her on a good walk.

Along with a technical website issue, a pile of correspondence, and a handful of phone calls, my sewing machine has been humming along today. Now that my Just CrossStitch deadlines have all been met, I am working on project bag and needlework finishing orders. Another 200 zippers arrived this week and two more bolts of fusible fleece...along with other finishing supplies that were low...and everything is organized for my sewing and finishing marathon. I'm trying to steadily work through each and every order, preparing for a Nashville vacation in late April (oh how I need a vacation!) on things we *need to* see and do, please send my way...

I seem to be shipping out packages are a select few sewing/quilting items I have been working on...and the first photo is a teaser of what to look for in Just CrossStitch magazine later this year - I can't show you the cross stitch just yet...(hint: one autumn, one Halloween)...

I hope the cheerful spring fabrics brightened your day! I'll be back soon with some new needlework finishing photos...


  1. Happy Birthday Schatzi!!!
    She's beautiful.
    The bags are all nice, cute fabrics too.
    Have fun planning your Nashville trip!

  2. Happy birthday, Miss Schatzi! What a beautiful girl you are! Part of me finds it hard to believe she is 5, but the other part knows she is because Max will be turning 5 next month. The bags you have made are all gorgeous, Belinda. Love the sneak peeks! Thinking of you!