Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Time Limits and Tail Waggers

It is a cool, quiet morning and while Garin is having a much needed timeout in his kennel, I thought I would clear my head. Whew! - what a crazy few weeks it has been...I'm actually a little speechless. Garin is a smart, fun, and lovable addition to our family - but WOW - he sure keeps me on my toes - you can't leave him alone...not even for one minute. So, of course (Murphy's law), my husband was informed he has to be out of town for work until Christmas...perfect timing, NOT...did you just hear my deep (VERY deep) sigh...yeah, I'm not thrilled. Trying to balance my workload and daily life chores/events with a very active puppy is quite challenging - I have to work in spurts when he is in the kennel, which for me is not there is not a lot of sleep happening here...and let's face it, there is asbolutely no time for me....and preparing for the holidays is basically non-existent. So, last week, I made a simple decision - I'm cancelling Christmas this year - yep, it's not happening - on my calendar, Christmas 2017 doesn't exist. I like to make 95% of my gifts, and well, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Friends and family, you are reading correctly - if I happen to be on your holiday list, your list just got shorter - please take me off...see, I'm helping you out too - your shopping/creating list just got shorter! If you are a good friend or longtime reader of my blog, then you know, I have terrible "gift guilt" - I am not good at receiving gifts if I can't reciprocate - seriously, I am the worst. Right now, I just really want/need to focus on my clients and make sure each and every one is happy and taken care of...and to be honest, even that is a challenge - but it WILL happen! So, in an effort to make my life less stressful, I'm lightening my load - bye, bye Christmas - see you in 2018....and you know what - it feels great to put that out in the universe and cross it off my list.

Now that my load is slightly lighter, let me share what has been happening in the studio when I am not on puppy duty. Last week and this week, I have been on a project bag frenzy - you heard me right - it has been zippers, zippers, and more zippers in the studio....more orders were shipped out today and the piles are starting to almost look manageable - if I have received fabrics from you, your bags are in progress!  I will be busy cutting and preparing the next several bag orders this afternoon during Garin's afternoon kennel session...I am working in the order received...last count, I had seventeen project bag orders left to complete (each with multiple bags)...and my goal is to get as many done this week as absolutely possible. I have also been sneaking in more Stitch Starter Ruler Sleeve Sets for my Etsy shop when time allows (extra special thanks to those who have shared my rulers and sleeves on Flosstube - you helped me sell out quickly and I am busy restocking)...I have a huge pile of ruler sleeves cut and ready to sew, and each time I change thread colors to sew bags, if the color matches any of the sleeves, I sew a few up. Next week is reserved for needlework finishing - I have quite a bit to get done before the holidays - so that will be my focus. Again, thank you to everyone for being patient with my turnaround time during this busy holiday season!


  1. glad to see those ears are up ! what a pretty young man albeit a little taxing at the moment. Sometimes we all just need a break from holiday craziness - looks like you have the perfect reason for XXing 2017 off the list. Have fun with the new baby. Mel

  2. Look at his ears! They are up. He is such a handsome boy. Your bags look fabulous as do the stitch atarter sleeves. Thinking of you!

  3. Sometimes we have to do what is best for us, and like they say.....learn to say "NO".
    It takes a lot of stress off, that's for sure.
    The project bags are all so pretty.