Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sunshine and Positivity

Hello friends...thanks for stopping by today! I thought I would pop in for picture-filled blog post...I wanted to show you what has been inspiring me and a few current/recent projects. Last weekend, I headed to Illinois to visit my mom and her husband Dan at the lake for a little time away....sometimes when you feel discouraged and the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders, taking a road trip can really put things into perspective. I thought I would share some photos I took of the beautiful gardens my mom nurtures/perfects daily and the peaceful lake - these images (and my time there) brought joy to my soul and reminded me of what is really important. It was quite enjoyable attending some of the lake community's "Summerfest" activities, including a water skiing show...and visiting some of the rural/local establishments. I was also able to do some modeling stitching and a little design work surrounded by nature...and I even got to have a long, leisurely breakfast with a very dear stitching friend before heading back to Iowa.

I managed to get quite a bit done in my studio over the last few weeks...lots of custom sewing, model stitching, and needlework finishing...and even quite a bit of design work. Here are just a few recent finishes...and I have more creative things in store to show you soon!!

Lastly...a little wisdom for a Saturday evening:
Recently, someone has been trying to steal my sunshine and intentionally hurt my feelings - even going as far as to tell me to stop designing cross stitch. It's hard not to let negative people bring you down, especially when it comes from someone you thought was there for you....we all know that familiar saying: misery (negativity) loves company. I have done a lot of self-reflection over the last month and I am choosing to be happy and better myself...surrounding myself with those who make me a better person and want good/positive things for me. I like being a happy, fun-loving person - I LOVE designing, creating, and having my own business - I like going to the gym and trying to live a healthy lifestyle - I enjoy taking care of my home, yard, and husband - I like being young at heart - and I love taking photos and sharing things that inspire me on social media. I will continue to do all those things, because they bring ME joy. My advice:
Be happy - be you (you are perfect just the way you are) - be positive.
 Don't let anyone attempt to steal your sunshine...


  1. I am glad your road trip relaxation and peace. Your model is coming along great, Belinda. I enjoy seeing the items that you create in your studio. xoxoox

  2. I'm glad you had a nice trip. Your mother's property looks so nice and relaxing. Such pretty flowers. Your stitching is so pretty. I think I see a squirrel body. ;) Very nice sewing projects. It is always hard when someone we thought we could count as a friend turns out to be the opposite. Good for you, for not letting their destructive behavior continue to affect you. Thank you for the pretty picture walk.

  3. Embrace your journey, enjoy the beauty you find through nature and your work and know that others, even those who disappoint, are also on a journey of learning. Not perfection, learning. ;)

    Always remember, they may appear to be ahead of you on the stairs, but it doesn't mean that they can't be rear-ended!! I just hope that when it happens, they remember how to belly laugh!!! :D

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip Belinda! Be yourself and enjoy what you do! Hugs!

  5. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous lake/flower pics.
    Cute finishes, love that Beehive fabric!
    Keep doing what you do.
    Sometimes I think people are just jealous of other people's talents.

  6. I agree that with what you left your posting with: "Be happy - be you (you are perfect just the way you are) - be positive.
    Don't let anyone attempt to steal your sunshine" It is really that there are some very unhappy people out there.
    Your road trip looks like it was great.

  7. Beautiful pictures...and thoughts. There are always people who are so unhappy, they want others to join them. Yes being positive with ones self is how to rise above it all.

  8. You are sunshine. I am with you on surrounding yourself with people that make you feel good. Keep on smiling!

  9. You are sunshine. I am with you on surrounding yourself with people that make you feel good. Keep on smiling!

  10. May you continue to share your soul through your designs or whatever way nurtures you and others! Your mom's garden reminded me of a poem so I looked it up. I discovered it is by Rudyard Kipling and you may know it. I did not know the England part, but only the garden portion. "Our England is a garden,/ and such gardens are not made / By singing:- “Oh how beautiful!” / and sitting in the shade." Her garden is beautiful and her hard work keeps it that way. I am a shade person! My "gardens" are in stitches, not dirt!

    "The Glory of the Garden" - Rudyard Kipling

  11. Amen! Keep on with everything that brings you joy and leave the naysayers in the dust.