Saturday, June 6, 2015

Eye Candy and Inspiration

I'm a day later than I originally planned with this post...but sometimes, life gets in the way. I spent most of the week hunkered down in my studio, playing catch-up and working on a variety of projects, including some needlework finishing for a customer. I still have a pile of cross stitch pieces I am working on this weekend, but I thought I would share a couple of the projects that were returned to their happy home yesterday. I really enjoy needlework finishing for customers...especially when they let me finish each piece as I see's just carving out the time in my schedule to get them completed...luckily my clientele are EXTREMELY patient! I tend to go "off the beaten path" with a lot of my finishing...especially when the projects don't include finishing supplies or if the finishing instructions are questionable...and if I know the stitcher, I try my best to finish them to match their personality...

Blackbird Designs: Loose Feathers #20 - Secret Garden
Box Top and Strawberry

Milady's Needle: Cottage Charm Stitcher's Pocket and Needlebook

Inside Cottage Charm Needlebook

 ....and speaking of beautiful needlework...I received the most AMAZING gift from a very dear friend...a set incredible handmade berry pincushions that were each personalized especially for me (and all the tops are finished differently)...and they came in a lovely glass-sided box that holds them all...and I can't stop staring at  them...aren't they breathtaking??!!

This week, I also got to take an impromptu road trip with my fabulous friend Mary...we headed to my very favorite quilt shop in Creston, Iowa called Quilts and Other Notions...I needed a few more yards of fabric for a project I am working on a, we both *needed* a little time away. Luckily, the quilt shop still had the fabrics I was searching for (plus a couple others)...and we got the first stamps on our All Iowa Shop Hop passports. We then stopped at the local Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Driving back, on a whim, I turned off on the highway to Winterset...we got to see more of the Iowa countryside and visit the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Quilt Shop and the Ben Franklin (I always enjoy a visit to Ben Franklin - it is like going back in time!). We had a lovely day!

My very favorite quilt shop - if you are in the Creston, Iowa area
you should definitely make arrangements for a visit!

I have also been getting in daily training walks and play sessions with Miss Schatzi. Now that our favorite trail is open again, we have been getting in at least 5-miles per day (and that is saying a lot with rain, rain, and more rain in the forecast almost every day). I try to Instagram a photo from most of my 3-Day training walks - we see so much beauty each day...

This afternoon, I will be busy with some more needlework finishing...then cutting/sewing/quilting some custom projects...and I have design work to do tomorrow...I am ready for a very creative weekend!


  1. What wonderful pieces you finished for your clients, Belinda! And what a treasure you received. The strawberries are gorgeous and what a great box. Do you have any information about the box? I love the floral pictures you shared along with your walking buddy. Glad you were able to take an adventure! I miss the Ben Franklin stores.


  2. Oooh you have some very talented friends.... Such a wonderful gift to receive. Your finishing skills a wonderful, what an amazing job you have to be able to 'finish' things as you like. :). Your local stores look great, just a shame they are not my local stores too! Good luck with your daily walking sessions, you do take some really lovely photos whilst out and about training.... And yes Miss Schatzi is still adorable :)
    Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work soon :)
    Smiles :)

  3. Oh - WOW! Lovely finishes and what beautiful, thoughtful gifts you received.

  4. Your finishing is beautiful. The berries you received are so pretty. What a lovely gift. Fabric shopping is always fun. I miss Ben Franklin we don't have any stores left. Beautiful spring pics from your walks. Wish someone could send us some desperately needed rain.

  5. lovely finishing and the gift of strawberries in the glass box is just gorgeous - what a special friend. glad you got to take a road trip to the quilt shop - everyone needs a girls day out from time to time. Mel