Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quilted Cats and Bats

Hi creative friends! It has been quite busy in the Blue Ribbon Designs studio and I have been focusing on a wide variety of projects - I have been stitching, sewing, quilting, and even doing some machine embroidery...that's right, I'm working on new designs, magazine pieces, commissioned needlework finishing, Etsy shop items (the shop is freshly stocked), and several large quilting projects...needles are in motion here!

Recently, AccuQuilt contacted me about my "Quilted Cats and Bats"  Halloween wall hanging I designed and made several years ago, as I had uploaded a photo of it to their Quilter's Spotlight (if you haven't visited the Quilter's Spotlight before, take a look - you are sure to be inspired - it's an AccuQuilt community where users share their quilted projects - you can see the AccuQuilt projects I have uploaded by clicking here). They liked my Halloween design, and not only did they want to do a Quilter's Spotlight interview with me about it for their blog, they wanted me to write the pattern for them, as well (how cool is that?!). The Quilter's Spotlight interview was posted on the AccuQuilt blog today, and to be honest, I always find it awkward to read articles/interviews that are written about me - it's a bit strange reading how someone else hears or interprets my answers and what they choose is important to share - writers have a tough (but I'm sure very interesting) job. This was a fun interview and you may learn a little something new about me...

Click here to visit the AccuQuilt blog and read my Quilter's Spotlight interview

To coincide with the Quilter's Spotlight blog post, my "Quilted Cats and Bats" pattern is free for a limited time...AND during the month of October, appliqué dies, including the ones I used in this project are on SALE!

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time - thanks for stopping by, I hope you will relax and take a look around! I love to create using AccuQuilt products...and here is a small selection of my recent projects - you can click on the the caption below each image for additional details...

Flowering Snowball With A Twist

Scrap Basket Bouquet

Artful Appliqué

Pillow Pizzazz

Triangular Tuffets

Sewing Stars

Tumbling Table Topper

Cross My Heart

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you found something that inspired you! I'll be back to share more soon, but until then, make a little time to be creative!


  1. I just all of your designs and the creations you make... you are ever so talented :)
    Love popping by your blog :)
    Smiles :)

  2. What a wonderful assortment of goodies you have created, Belinda! You are one talented individual.


  3. Talent abounds here :) Love the bats!

  4. Your designs always inspires me to *finally* focus on learning the craft. :)